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november 12, 2016
Why Leg Show Model Zuzana Isn't Jealous About Her Boyfriend's Other Women
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p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 14.0px Helvetica; -webkit-text-stroke: #000000} span.s1 {font-kerning: none} Wouldn't you say Zuzana is about a close to female perfection as one can get? With her beautiful face and shapely legs, she's complete package. As I learned over our lunch break (while photographing Zuzana) this girl is entirely heterosexual and very horny. [... Read Full Article]
october 23, 2016
Dominant Goddess Monika Says Married Men Must Spend Where They Squirt!
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Monika was the sort of model who was all business...in fact she had just started her own small business and was working from her home. So I was surprised when she confided how she was constantly being pursued by married submissive men, those who didn't have an open relationship with their vanilla, unknowing wives. "These [... Read Full Article]
october 19, 2016
Leg Show Model Ashley Has Some Kinky Conditions For Her Guy To Eat Her!
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When Ashley became the subject of my lens, she arrived at the set with 4 luggage cases worth of clothes. There was lingerie, high heeled shoes, even sheer peignoirs. And she had her boyfriend, Gordon, in tow to carry it all. Gordon was dismissed by her right after she arrived and Ashley proved to be [... Read Full Article]
october 16, 2016
Foot Fetish Model Veronica Rules The Fools Who Are Her Clients!
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It's not often that I photograph a scene inspired by a model's real life. But in the case of Veronica, my photo set was based on true events. Pretty brunette Veronica worked in sales for a caterer. It was important for the caterer's sales force to be charming and attractive because they always encouraged clients [... Read Full Article]
october 10, 2016
Leg Show Model Michaela Likes Giving Orals...But Not In The Usual Spot!
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When Michaela modeled for me, I decided to photograph her not only in hose and heels but while pulling her jeans down over her perfect bubble butt. And when I asked her what she considered her best feature, she replied it was what she sat on. I remarked about how these days a woman's buttocks [... Read Full Article]
september 9, 2016
Foot Fetish Model Marcela Has Great Gams But Believes It's What's Up Front That Counts!
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I considered Marcela a leg model, one with long, lithe, shapely stems on a slender, curvy body. But when I asked Marcela what she considers her best physical asset, she replied that would be her breasts. Why? Because they're the most sensitive part of her body, she explained. She says her boyfriend not only loves [... Read Full Article]
august 31, 2016
Jane Doesn't Just Perform Anal Sex On Video...She Craves It!
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We chose Jane's hose and heels carefully to emphasize her long, shapely legs. She loved the vintage hosiery but hated the ankle-strap pumps. Though she was professional and cooperative, I was having some difficulty getting sexy expressions from my model. Instead of commenting "Try not to have such a blank face," I asked her to [... Read Full Article]
august 15, 2016
Silvia Saint Flies High But Prefers Performing With Kitty Lickers
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The face is familiar: porn legend Silvia Saint, Penthouse Pet of the Month (October 1998). Her career began slowly: first lingerie shoots, then nudes and eventually hardcore porn. The funny thing about porn is that once a girl achieves a certain degree of international stardom she can insist on doing girl-girl scenes only. And lesbian [... Read Full Article]
august 3, 2016
Petra's Managerial Skills Include Oral On Demand From Male Subordinates!
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I'd wanted Petra to model for me for some time; but in recent years, she'd taken a break from modeling to work in a small office. When she then had the opportunity to buy a condo, Petra not only worked but modeled on weekends and after business hours. I asked Petra how she handled her [... Read Full Article]
july 21, 2016
Jana W. Says She's Not A Domme But Has Her Guy's Balls In Her Grip
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 Leggy blonde Jana W. modeled for me on a rainy day, which is fine for a photographer who often shoots indoors and uses many lights for the setting. I noticed Jana didn't wear galoshes on such a rainy day, but these vinyl thigh high shiny black boots which came up to her thigh-high miniskirt. Jana [... Read Full Article]
june 29, 2016
Veronika Zemanova: The Most Beautiful Model Who Won the Brass (Wedding) Ring!
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I never shot a girl more gorgeous than Veronika; and she is just as nice as she is comely. Veronika was already the hugest porn star and erotic model in Eastern Europe when she did something to push her enormous appeal over the edge: she got breast implants. It was my privilege to photograph her [... Read Full Article]
june 26, 2016
Fully fashioned stockings by Secrets In Lace
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
These smooth silky shiny stockings are the sexiest stockings I ever had. They make the legs look so yummy, you won't be able to resist touching them all the time. I wore them yesterday to a vintage party in Industry Vodka Distillery in Brooklyn. Everyone was dressed in style of the 40'-50's . Women were [... Read Full Article]
june 6, 2016
Tattooed Mercedes Drives Men Crazy With Her Secret Erogenous Zone!
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We shot blonde Mercedes outdoors wearing shiny pantyhose. During our hour-long lunch break, while Mercedes was getting her makeup touched up, I asked if her red shoes (which weren't exactly her size) were comfortable. Not really, she admitted, adding that she had very sensitive feet. She then laughed about the fact her feet and toes [... Read Full Article]
may 30, 2016
Foot Fetish Model Zuzana Found Her Match At Dominant-Sub Speed Dating!
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   I always like to hear how a beautiful girl met her boyfriend. I wonder whether it was by a chance encounter or if they were introduced by mutual friends. Nowadays, people meet on the internet but Zuzana told me she met her beau in an even more unconventional manner. The tall, masculine Friedrich was [... Read Full Article]
may 23, 2016
Leg Show Model Deborah's Hunky Boyfriend Is A Grower Not A Shower!
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Gorgeous redhead Deborah's good-looking boyfriend dropped her off at the studio. On seeing him, I did a double take. The guy was so photogenic, I had to ask Deborah whether he modeled. No, she said, her boyfriend, Milo, was in the food services industry and took his good looks for granted. I assumed muscle-bound Milo [... Read Full Article]
may 4, 2016
Office Manager Amy Rules Her Supervisor In Vintage Seamed Stockings and Spike Heeled Pumps!
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Shooting a model equals a long day, even if we're given permission to shoot in their own office, as did Amy. She'd asked her supervisor, Paul, and he'd given us the thumbs up. The clothes here are Amy's own but generally, with leg fetish shoots, I get very involved with wardrobe. Every piece has to [... Read Full Article]
april 29, 2016
Foot Fetish Model Lenka Has Polkadot Pantyhose And Juicy Loose Lips For Mens' Tips!
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I met beautiful raven haired in Prague, thinking she'd be a haughty beauty; but she was surprisingly easy to work with and talk to. Lenka really adores penises and her favorite sex act is giving a blow job, but not necessarily a hand job. (She says she wants her man meat to "melt in my [... Read Full Article]
april 22, 2016
Paris on the moped
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This is one of my all time favorite nights I spent in Paris. I met a charming Frenchman who was a professional chef during the day and played piano at night. Talking about the right combo for me, the food and music lover. The first stop was a Brasserie at Odeon. We ate oysters, drank [... Read Full Article]
april 15, 2016
Leg Show Model Gabriela Gets Licks From Below Sitting On An Orgasm Ottoman!
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I'm always on the lookout for new locations, especially when a model tells me her apartment is elegantly appointed. When Gabriela described her sexy apartment I had to go see it! I was initially disappointed as her place was up three flights of stairs and lacked sunlight. But that's OK, my crew always brings lots [... Read Full Article]
april 12, 2016
Leggy Lucia, Foot Fetish Model, Fills It Up And Loves To Be Pumped!
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Why did I decide to shoot Lucia putting gas in her car tank? To celebrate the erotic element inherent in the ordinary, commonplace things women do! Why mainly photograph models in the bedroom, fastening their corsets and garters? Those time-honored boudoir shoots full of lacy lingerie and maribou-trimmed undergarments didn't seem to fit Lucia, who [... Read Full Article]
april 11, 2016
Leg Action Model Turned Math Teacher Katty Knows One In One Makes Two!
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Brunette beauty Katty knew she wouldn't always be able to model and realized there's more security in teaching. So while she modeled, she also taught adults at a night school. Men always commented on her incredible figure; but Katty always had a head for figures. We shot in the schoolroom where she taught. Katty noted [... Read Full Article]
february 18, 2016
Foot Fetish Model Dana is Perfectly Groomed, From Toes To Twat!
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When Dana modeled for me, I decided to dress her in a blue slip, white scrappy sandals and shiny pantyhose. During the shoot, Dana mentioned she was a beer lover so we decided to share one afterwards. The talk turned not to fashion and careers but about grooming. According to Dana, it is more important [... Read Full Article]
february 7, 2016
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This is the way I dress up for a Super Bowl party. For me, its just another opportunity to show off my legs and feet. Regardless who wins tonight, I am still going to have a ball!!  [... Read Full Article]
february 6, 2016
NEW STORY: Paula Bartman The Mall Cop (By Gray Fisher)
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Paula took pride in her work, and took it seriously. She wasn’t just a “mall cop.” She was responsible for the safety and security of many hundreds of shoppers, employees, and the retail tenants themselves. She enjoyed the camaraderie with her fellow officers, most of whom were men. As a woman in uniform, she drew her share [... Read Full Article]
january 28, 2016
Cruel Leg Show Model Victoria's Boyfriend Wears Her Panties While She Paddles Him!
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My beautiful, Ukrainian model Victoria had such a classy look, sweet voice and beautiful manners. She even brought a gift of food to our shoot (which is unusual for a model) but much appreciated. Victoria had brought a few items from her wardrobe which were of minimal interest to me...except for a pair of ripped [... Read Full Article]
january 19, 2016
Veronica's Shiny Red Sandals And Iridescent Pantyhose Are An Elixir For Erections!
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She was just the kind of model who had her own ideas of what to wear and how to pose. It wasn't that Veronica couldn't take direction, she just seemed a creative person in her own right, and one who sought to aid our collaboration. The red heels, for instance, were hers. Later, after the [... Read Full Article]
january 18, 2016
Leg Show Models Katarina and Vladka: Leggy Dommes Get Lezzie Together!
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When Katarina heard she was set to shoot with another model, Vladka, she wasn't too happy about it. "But I don't have a lesbian bone in my body," she wailed. "I like men. Submissive men!" I told her not to fret; the other model she'd be shooting with is a dominant, too. I thought they'd [... Read Full Article]
october 18, 2015
Downtown Bar
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
This pic was taken after a performance of Dita Von Teese, that I went to see with my client. Yes the one client who is supplying her with nylon stockings. She can certainly "teese" the crowd to the point you don't want to stop. We have to thank her to revive and upgrade the art [... Read Full Article]
october 17, 2015
Foot Fetish Model Anita's Submissive Boyfriend Watches Her Ball With Her Date!
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When Anita modeled for me, she wore black fishnet, pumps and fringe. Plus, she didn't remove her makeup after the shoot. My makeup artist was pleased that brunette bombshell Anita thought she looked so good, she wanted to keep it on for her date, later that evening. Anita confided she was going home to have [... Read Full Article]
october 16, 2015
Foot Fetish Model Alena's Total Power Exchange With Her Submissive Beau
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I thought Alena was a great model, not only leggy and lovely, but one who took direction easily. After the shoot, when I told her just that, Alena laughed and confessed how she was the one who gave all the orders at home. Over some good red wine, we exchanged ideas on how to handle [... Read Full Article]
october 15, 2015
NEW STORY: Milked by Denise (by Gray Fisher)
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Here is an excerpt from another brilliant TRUE story from Gray Fisher:  "Not much happened for a few months until she posted a flier for a pre-holidays jewelry sale in her home. She was moving out of state and wanted to unload as much merchandise as she could so she wouldn’t  have  to  move  it,  and [... Read Full Article]
october 14, 2015
Another year together!!!
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This was a turbulent time full of disasters, nature, politics, economy, yes we have seen better times, you bet. We had many robots and hackers trying to break into our exclusive content.  I am putting an end to all the bad news, simply crushing it with my bare sandy heel. Time to chill, recoup, get [... Read Full Article]
october 13, 2015
Happy Holidays and
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lots of shapely, strong legs with beautiful, high arched feet wrapped in smooth delicate nylons, most preferable from Secrets In Lace of course. That is the one and only source of these stockings on this planet! Trust me! I will be back with more updates after the New Years! Have a good one! [... Read Full Article]
october 12, 2015
Foot Fetish Model Nadia Keeps Her Submissive Beau In Bows...On His Wiener!
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When Nadia modeled for me, she brought her shoe and lingerie wardrobe, so extensive she kept it in a trunk. That metal trunk was so heavy, she had her boyfriend Paul drive to the studio and haul the thing up for her. When I saw the hunk with the trunk, I had to ask her [... Read Full Article]
october 11, 2015
NEW STORY: Boy Toy Furniture (by Gray Fisher)
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It is really hard to believe this is a TRUE story, but it is. Foot fetishist seeking humiliation not knowing to which extend is this experiment going to take him. Wow. This is all I can say. And yes, it all started with a dream, a wet dream of course ;-) click on STORIES. [... Read Full Article]
october 10, 2015
Lovely Leg Show Model Edita Makes Sure Her Sub Sees The Seamy Side!
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When beautiful Edita walked into the shoot, she was wearing six inch high platform shoes, a mini skirt and a fluffy fur coat. Edita is a head turner in and out of her sexy attire! Of course, when she wears erotic lingerie she is even more alluring. She donned her wardrobe for our photo session. [... Read Full Article]
october 9, 2015
Jazz Clubs of New York
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I decided I will post a picture of me from every jazz club I have ever visited. Let's start with the Capital of Jazz: New York City. This one is Iridium, but the old one at Lincoln Center. I heard some amazing artists in that place. This particular night it was David Murray, a crazy [... Read Full Article]
october 8, 2015
NEW STORY: Trapped in Her Nylon Web
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
In the title story, Trapped in Her Nylon Web, Gray comes under the spell of a lovely Latino trying on heels in a ladies boutique, who manipulates the circumstances in order to debase her admirer. It's sequel story (stay tuned) brings the torment into the privacy of her apartment, and enlists the help of two luscious legged women who [... Read Full Article]
october 7, 2015
Sultry Veronika Turns Office Duties Into Orifice Pleasures!
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Beautiful brunette Veronika looks like the kind of young, curvy office worker you'd like to know better, more intimately. If you suspect sexy lingerie lies beneath her business-appropriate garb you'd be right. See her shed sheer Vintage dot stockings and a black corselet with garters. Watch as she gets on top of her desk to [... Read Full Article]
october 6, 2015
Naked in public with Neon Fatal
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
My all time favorite pair of pantyhose that will never go out of style is Wolford's Neon Fatal. This is the only pantyhose that is truly sheer up to the waist without any seam. It becomes my second skin. When worn without panties, it feels like I am naked in public. It's also the way [... Read Full Article]
october 5, 2015
NEW BOOK released by Gray Fisher!
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I knew Gray Fisher’s writing from Leg Show Magazine, and his stories were always scintillating, especially for leg and foot lovers, or anyone who craves to be under the thumb of a beautiful woman.  Gray’s second fetish anthology, Trapped in Her Nylon Web and Other Tales of Fetishism and Erotic Humiliation, is now on sale at Amazon Kindle, [... Read Full Article]
october 4, 2015
Foot Fetish Model Michaela Met Her Submissive Boyfriend At A Femdom Orgy!
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When I first cast Michaela to model for me, I clocked her long legs and red tresses and decided to dress her in crotchless pantyhose. She seemed so sunny and cheerful in person, I wondered what kind of fetish model she would be. But when photographed, her sultry looks and scorching sexuality were fully in [... Read Full Article]
october 3, 2015
Leg Show Model Diana Never Pleases Her Submissive Beau, But Teases And Denies!
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When I first auditioned Diana to shoot her, I took positive note of her shapely rear and stems. Although I have quite an impressive wardrobe of shoes and scanties for my leg models, sometimes I ask them to bring some of their own items to be photographed. They may not be quite as sexy as [... Read Full Article]
october 2, 2015
Blue is the color
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
Last night I went to a concert and decided to wear my new blue leather skirt and bronze Secrets In Lace stockings. The focus of my date has shifted from the performance on stage to the one bellow my seat, trust me ;-) I also knew the switch legs at time of quiet, so the sound [... Read Full Article]
october 1, 2015
Foot Fetish Model Ariel In Leather--Locks Guys Up And Is As Tough As She Looks
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Ariel keeps her boyfriend in chastity. "In strict chastity?" I asked. "Or do you let him out for good behavior?" Ariel explained she keeps her submissive beau in "creative chastity". I had to hear more, as I couldn't fathom what could possibly be the difference. "Any domme can keep a guy in chastity, just by [... Read Full Article]
september 21, 2015
Sheer to waist pantyhose in a Blue Light bar
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
Here is one example how important it is to wear sheer to waist pantyhose with a very short dress. When I put my leg up I never worry about the welt peeking out. The nylon becomes my second skin and its just so smooth. You just don't want to take the hand off. Neon Fatal [... Read Full Article]
september 20, 2015
Leg Show models Jane and Elise Compare Hose, Spread Stems and Lick Pink Parts
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Jane and Elise had never met before I hired them for a two girl shoot. I wanted them so feel at ease, so I asked each one how she preferred to dress (or undress!). Elise, the brunette was a pantyhose wearer and stated she thought they were sexier than a pair of seamed silk stockings. [... Read Full Article]
august 29, 2015
Foot Fetish Model Suzane Love Shoes, And Submissive Married Men Who Buy Them!
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When Suzane first auditioned for me, she seemed an introvert, shy to open up, but later proved to be an expressive model. After the shoot, we bonded discussing two subjects dear to my heart--shoes and men. Suzanne has an extensive shoe collection, as I do. But her shoes all come courtesy of a certain man [... Read Full Article]
august 25, 2015
Foot Fetish Model Ivonne Is Crazy For Other Girls, Especially Cuckqueans
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Not all of my models are dominant women. But I'd say they all love submissive men. Take Ivonne, for instance. When I chose her to pose outdoors in stockings with a convertible, I learned she's not a domme...but neither is she submissive. Ivonne is just game for anything new, an experience junkie who says "bring [... Read Full Article]
august 5, 2015
The finer the stockings the better chance for a run
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
It must be a special occasion for me to wear 7 or 9 denier stockings. They are just so damn delicate. But they do feel good. I really love them. This almost invisible sheer glove is making me feel almost naked.  I know this is I wonder what you think about runs. Sexy? or sloppy?  [... Read Full Article]
july 28, 2015
Leg Show Model Jana Cova Knows How To Make A Sub Submit With Her Pantyhose
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Blonde beauty Jana Cova has such luscious legs, I initially wanted to photograph her in thigh high stockings. But because she brought her own wardrobe, we were both drawn to her very own shiny, Wolford's Neon Fatal. Jana confessed she thought wearing pantyhose was sexier than stockings, and I asked her why. It seems as [... Read Full Article]
july 22, 2015
Leg Show Model Edita Gets Satisfied Meeting Men At A Swing Club!
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Despite her wardrobe of white bustier, sheer nylons and strappy sandals, Edita initially seemed kind of shy when she modeled for me. There was a certain modesty to the way she tried on different outfits in an adjoining room, then reappeared where we were to shoot, pirouetting for my approval. So imagine my surprise when [... Read Full Article]
july 20, 2015
Packing for Canary Islands
By BestLegShow | 3 comments
I am packing for my trip to the Canary islands, thinking about the colors I want to wear there. Purple and aqua blue is an eye catching combination. I want to be noticed. When it comes to stockings I will pack in some tan, brown or grey. 7 denier black will do as well. Spanish men [... Read Full Article]
july 6, 2015
Leg World Model Lucy L'Vette Keeps Her Submissive Boyfriend On A String. Literally!
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
When Lucy posed, sassily smoking a cigar and decked out in yellow lingerie and silky nylons, I asked her what specific acts she enjoys performing as a lifestyle domme. Remember: Pro-dommes get paid for a session but lifestyle dommes do it for love...and because that's where their heads are at, sexually. Lucy maintains she orgasms [... Read Full Article]
july 5, 2015
Blak or white? Or both?
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
This color combination has been regarded as "Italian", not sure why. These are my favorite stilettos, that I wear if I cant decide. 100% nylon stockings from Secrets In Lace in gray or 7 denier black are my preferred choice. Tan may be fine as well. This really depends on the lingerie I am wearing. [... Read Full Article]
july 4, 2015
Leg Show Model Andy Loves A Femdom Icon Who Dominates New Mad Max Flick!
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At one time strong, powerful women weren't seen in action films. But in Mad Max: Fury Road Charlize deglamorizes herself to become one kick-ass heroine. With all the guys I know, it's the hucow scene that has them chatting (and wanking)! My model Andy turned me on to the film, which presents a post-apocalyptic world [... Read Full Article]
june 8, 2015
Erotic Supermodel Veronika Zemanova Is A Stacked And Leggy Living Legend!
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Regarded as the top erotic model in all of Europe, Veronika is from Prague, of course. Hard to believe she's now turned forty! She still looks mouthwatering and after living all over the globe, is now residing in Prague. Veronika never intended to become a model--her career goal was to be a photographer. Towards that [... Read Full Article]
june 3, 2015
Paris near Pont Neuf in 2003
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
I was digging in my files for some pics of me from the recent years and here is what I found. I was invited to the most prestigious restaurants by a man who was involved in the nylon stocking business. He has showered me with tons of stockings, garter belts, corsets. He gave me printed [... Read Full Article]
may 27, 2015
Leg Show Model Monika Met Her Boyfriend At A Foot Fetish Masturbation Orgy!
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Monika always seemed so wholesome to me; maybe that's why I had her model wearing thick and shiny pantyhose. But I soon learned Monika is not quite as innocent as she looks. Her boyfriend, who is as dark as Monika is blonde, dropped her off at the studio at the beginning of our shoot. I [... Read Full Article]
may 21, 2015
Vanessa's Vagina Pops Out Of Her Fetishy Peekaboo Pantyhose For Diddling!
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Ever wonder what a girl who has her own business does in her home office? To get in the mood for contacting customers, Vanessa wears diamond patterned pantyhose with back seams and a reinforced footbed. It's so easy to masturbate throughout the workday with her pantyhose open crotch. Savor the sight of her succulent pink [... Read Full Article]
may 18, 2015
Leg Show Model Anna Is A Mistress Who Gives Her Guy The Foot Play He Needs!
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When beautiful brunette Anna modeled for me, she told me about her lover, Paul, who was in the throes of a divorce. Paul had been in a fifteen year long marriage to a woman who was successful in his own profession. He thought they had a lot in common because they were in the same [... Read Full Article]
may 12, 2015
Night time is the right time.
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
When the night sets in, I get into another mode. I get exited about the silence, peacefulness. I feel the need to disturb it. Here I was with a bunch of friends in Hilton Barbados, dancing salsa until got really late. The DJ was packing his equipment, but I just could not go home. I [... Read Full Article]
may 11, 2015
Leg Show Model Sandra Star's Golden Stiletto Shoes Will Make Your Snake Ache!
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When blonde Sandra modeled for me, she was fairly new to femdom. Sandra told me she has dozens of shoes, mostly high heels. She was introduced to her beau, who was a submissive male, by a domme. Her boyfriend gets off taking sexy Sandra to shoe stores where she tries on several pair, walking about [... Read Full Article]
may 6, 2015
Wear Them Out!
By BestLegShow | 3 comments
After running all day in high heels I just need to lay down and put my feet up. See the run in my stockings? This is what "Secrets In Lace" slogan says: "Wear Them Out". I sure do. I just love to put them on and I love the smooth feeling of my legs when [... Read Full Article]
may 4, 2015
Kattie Takes A Bath Wearing Seamed Black Nylons And A Garter Belt!
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There's more than one way for a beautiful young girl to get wet! Watch Kattie as she tests the temperature of her bath water, first dipping in a few toes clad in RHT (reinforced heel and toe) stockings. She's rocking a vintage vibe with her maribou trimmed robe and pumps, and dons a black lace [... Read Full Article]
april 23, 2015
Leg Show Model Nadia Takes Off Her Naughty Lingerie To Get Her Partners Wet!
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When Nadia modeled for me, we talked about wardrobe as I always ask a girl if she has any naughty underthings she could bring to the shoot. Some of the wardrobe is mine (like the crotchless pantyhose Nadia wore); other items belong to the model. Nadia informed me she preferred to wear plain cotton underwear [... Read Full Article]
april 21, 2015
Lighthouse blues
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
Why blues? I always wanted to live in a lighthouse. Here in Barbados is one, abandoned on the east coast at Rugged Point overlooking the Atlantic shore. Its falling apart and its not for sale. You cant even enter it anymore. Imagine the round staircase inside the tower and imagine me running up and down [... Read Full Article]
april 15, 2015
Foot Fetish Model Eva Dons White Vintage Lingerie For Old Fashioned Spankings!
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Eva brought along her own white strappy stiletto sandals to her photo shoot. These shoes looked so sexy, they inspired me to pull out my finest lacy vintage lingerie. The bra and garter aren't so brief as more modern models; but they are no less sexy. Eva is the kind of girl who likes to [... Read Full Article]
april 3, 2015
Leg Show Model Sexy Stewardess Lenka Pegs Pilots & Passengers During Layovers!
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When redheaded Lenka posed for me, I had her wear red lingerie and heels against an aircraft backdrop. After all, she was a stewardess. Worldly and world-weary, sophisticated and very sexual, Lenka shared with me what goes on during layovers. She flies with an airline that does short hauls, within Europe only. But through airline [... Read Full Article]
april 1, 2015
Foot Fetish Model Amy Satisfies Herself By Humiliating Her Submissive Boyfriend
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I've been watching the Dove Soap commercials that declare how last year, women sent 5 million negative tweets about body image. Wow. I remember how after Amy modeled for me, she commented about having to watch her weight, how she didn't want to get fat. As most women would give anything to have Amy's body, [... Read Full Article]
march 26, 2015
Mia Does More Than Dirty Dishes When Her Panties Heat Things Up In The Kitchen!
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Ever hear that devil in the blue dress song? That's Mia as she slithers out of her blue frock to pull the lacy blue panties off her firm, rounded butt. Her smoke colored stockings are pinned by blue garters and Mia explains blue is her favorite color. Her favorite position? Popping herself up on the [... Read Full Article]
march 18, 2015
Teresa's Wears Crotchless Fishnet Pantyhose On Scarlet Painted Shrimp & Pretty Pink!
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Fetching Teresa had just come home after a long day of teasing married men at her office. The naughty girl has spread her shapely legs wide behind her desk, frustrating too many men. Coming home, she sheds her red blazer and pleated miniskirt. Now we can see everything that could only be imagined at work--the [... Read Full Article]
march 9, 2015
Leg Show Model Ivana Wraps & Traps Her Submissive Boyfriend In Saran Wrap
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My dominant models think I'm the older, more sophisticated woman but if truth be told I'm always learning something from them. When Ivana posed for me, she'd just picked up a few things from the grocery store before arriving at my studio. I noticed she had three rolls of Saran Wrap or plastic wrap in [... Read Full Article]
february 28, 2015
Caroline Completes Orifice Duties Wearing Pink Stockings With A Black Lace Garter!
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You've seen those girls with long flowing hair behind their office desks and wondered what they're wearing beneath the tailored office wear. Let Caroline show you! She parts her shapely stocking-clad legs for just a slice of spice, and pets that sweet center spot with a perfectly manicured hand. She then sheds her clothes to [... Read Full Article]
february 9, 2015
Foot Fetish Model Denisa Applies A Hairbrush To Her Boyfriend's Heinie
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When Denisa modeled for me, I complimented her on her luxurious head of hair and asked how she kept it so shiny. Denisa revealed that she makes her submissive boyfriend brush her beautiful long hair in a rather ritualistic manner. She sits on a stool before a long mirror wearing only heels, hose and a [... Read Full Article]
january 21, 2015
Leg Show Model Rachel’s Sub Gets Cross Dressed To Learn What It’s Like Being A Girl
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When Rachel modeled for me, I put her in pantyhose. I saw that she’d brought many feminine things to our shoot—seamed nylons, lacy panties and a garter belt among them. Noticing how one of her black fishnet pantyhose pairs was ripped, I asked her if she didn’t want to through those out. “No,” she replied, [... Read Full Article]
january 19, 2015
Sandra’s Stairway To Shiny Pantyhose, Peeled Down For Public Stripping!
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Like seeing a pretty young lady take off her party wear in public for any and all to see? Sandra does it all for you! Just as she’s off to some festivities, she stops by a local historic spot to enjoy her hot body all by herself. Watch her climb those stone steps wearing metallic [... Read Full Article]
january 14, 2015
Leg Show Model Peach Loves Keeping Her Submissive Boyfriend On Edge!
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After Peach modeled for me, she took off the black hat and nylon stockings to put on some elegant clothes. I asked Peach what she was doing, where she was going after the shoot. She and her boyfriend were off to dinner and afterwards, there was something very different and unique on the menu. Peach [... Read Full Article]
january 9, 2015
Busty Blonde Alexandra Wears Vintage Inspired Lingerie To Stroke Herself!
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She’s got that look of Goddesses from a few decades past, our Alexandra, but with a modern twist—the tattoos on her shapely calves. Watch as she caresses her toned thighs beneath the stretchy, smoky welts of her dark stockings. When she drops her sexy black dress, she’s showing see-thru sheer panties, a lacy garter belt, [... Read Full Article]
january 1, 2015
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There is no better way to  celebrate the New Year than from a bathtub filled with warm beer while drinking a cold one. Purkmistr Spa in Pilsen, the capital of beer, provides this unique experience. The beer in the tub is of course non-alcoholic. There is a tap right next to the tub so that [... Read Full Article]
december 22, 2014
Happy Holidays!
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It's been a crazy busy year for me. The time is accelerating! I was in Vietnam, Puerto Rico, New York (my home), Prague (my second home), Munich, Austria, Lanzarote (Spain) and of course for the winter as always Barbados. I had some scary moments when I was trying to land in Lanzarote few weeks ago. [... Read Full Article]
december 15, 2014
Leg Show Model Denisa Controls Her Beau Who Can Look, But Not Touch!
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As you can see, Denisa is a golden goddess, for certain. Although she came to the photo shoot with her suitcase packed with a wide away of garter belts, stockings and other sexy lingerie, she posed in pantyhose. At the end of the day, I asked her if she was going to change into sweatpants [... Read Full Article]
december 6, 2014
Golden Girl Kattie’s Sheer Panties And Seamed Stockings Make Your Flute Salute!
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Kattie has returned home to relax on her balcony, wearing her gold seven inch high ankle strap shoes. And with all the criss-cross straps on them, it looks as if her feet are in bondage! Kattie turns around to present her kissable keister garbed in sheer black nylon, the see-thru kind where you can see [... Read Full Article]
november 10, 2014
Foot Fetish Model Naomi Tantalizes Her Subs With Horizontal Hose and High Heels!
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When blonde goddess Naomi modeled for me, we talked about which were the hot clubs in Budapest and Prague. As it turns out, Naomi wasn’t so much into dancing, but into domineering, and knew all the hottest sex clubs! She goes to one basement-level club where everyone there is a dominant or submissive and brings [... Read Full Article]
november 3, 2014
Jana’s Shocking Pink Stiletto Heels And Pussy Have Men On Their Knees To Please!
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Ever see a hot girl wearing a miniskirt get out of a taxi and inadvertently flash a little pussy? And you wonder—is she graceless or just an exhibitionist? Jana Spu shows us how a lady leaves a taxi. First she puts one pink high heeled shod foot on the pavement—a foot that is sheathed in [... Read Full Article]
november 1, 2014
Leg Show Model Kamila Teases The Boyfriend With Her Pantyhose Gusseted Crotch!
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When Kamila modeled for me, I thought she was most compliant. Anything you wanted her to wear, she obliged. Any position you put her in, she’d assume and hold for as long as needed. I asked her if she was just as easygoing with her boyfriend. Kamila confided that her boyfriend would rather be teased [... Read Full Article]
october 28, 2014
Foot Fetish Model Lucy Wears A Strap-on For Her Sub Atop Her Lacy Hose!
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Lucy may look docile wearing her red patent leather high heeled pumps and those black seamed nylon with lace welts—but she’s not exactly eager to please. She may be a compliant model with a professional photographer like me; but at home, Lucy is the boss and a very demanding one. Lucy treats her submissive boyfriend [... Read Full Article]
september 29, 2014
Killer Heels in Brooklyn Museum
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From middle ages until now, there have always been and there always will be HEELS. Not all are really meant to be walked on, but they all represent feminine power! You will find biomorphic designs, that emphasize state of flux, transitions or mutations. Heels embellished with feathers, fur, animal skins conjure mythological hybrids, hunting trophies worn on [... Read Full Article]
september 23, 2014
Radka’s Relaxes After Shopping Wearing White Lingerie, Sexy Stockings & Stilettos
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Wonder how a young beauty like Radka relaxes in the comfy confines of home? She’s had a busy day shopping for fashion finds and her arches ache, so she sheds her slingback high heeled pumps. They’re pristine white, as are her see-thru panties and lacy garter belt. Watch as she caresses her curvy can and [... Read Full Article]
september 21, 2014
Leg Show Model Alyssia’s Nylons Get Worshipped With Tongue And Tool!
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Alyssia was never a professional model but a college student who needed a way to pay her tuition. I had her pose in someone’s library wearing a schoolgirl kilt to emphasize her innocence, one underscored by a bit of naughtiness. The first time she worked for me, I sent her home with the pair of [... Read Full Article]
september 15, 2014
Foot Fetish Model Gabriela Loves To Dominate Footslut Boys and Toesuckers!
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Brunette beauty Gabriela was photographed outside wearing black tights with black high heeled pumps. But when these come off and Gabriela moves her act indoors, there’s nothing more that she loves to do than playing footsie with her boyfriend! All the action happens at her place. When her sub enters, she’s usually wearing her high [... Read Full Article]
september 10, 2014
Crazy story with Salvador Dalí'
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Ida Castaldi a.k.a. Ida Frascati as well as Jessica Rubicon was an Italian dancer/model/actress living in Paris in the fifties. She started working at the "Crazy Horse" in the mid-fifties.  She appeared on stage as a cow-girl - with all the relevant paraphernalia including the 2 six shot revolvers and cowboy boots - on a [... Read Full Article]
september 8, 2014
Leg Fetish Model Lucinka Gets Treated Royally And Wants Guys To Kiss Her Ass!
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When I first interviewed leggy blonde Lucinka, I couldn’t decide what parts of her to highlight photographically. I observed her boobs, butt, blonde hair, long legs, pretty feet, bare muff…Lucinka had it all. So I asked Lucinka what was her favorite feature. She replied it was her butt because her boyfriend so often kissed it. [... Read Full Article]
august 25, 2014
STORE link is broken :-(
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Is has been brought to my attention, that the option to buy individual zip files and videos is temporarily disabled. I had a long conversation with CCBill as well as my webmaster, so I can assure you, we are working on the problem. I hope it will be resolved soon. I will keep you posted. [... Read Full Article]
august 21, 2014
Katie’s Smoky Seamed Stockings And Vintage White Lingerie Set Her Office On Fire!
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You’ve seen a certain busty brunette like Katie behind her office desk and wondered what she’s wearing beneath her professional appearing suit. Katie is here to show you! Her stockings have reinforced heels and toes plus a serious dark center seam. Katie’s panties are white and lacy; watch as she pulls them aside to pet [... Read Full Article]
august 11, 2014
Veronika F stands for Footless Fishnets
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This is one of my all time favorite models. She is wild. She looks good in any outfit, she is sensual, sexy, commanding and totally professional. She has a weakness for fishnets and high heels. She loves to tease and wants attention of every man in the room. She gets it. Veronika admits that she [... Read Full Article]
august 7, 2014
Nylons in Rolls Royce
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Here is a shot of me on my way to an event that turned out to be my surprise birthday party in Prague. Since I was not there on the actual day of my birthday, my friends decided to do it another day. Here is how they did it: my nephew asked me to get [... Read Full Article]
july 31, 2014
Katarina’s Bubble Butt Is Encased In A Silver Lace Up Corset As She Wiggles Her Feet
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Watch Katarina relax in bed at the day’s end, wearing a shiny silver corset with sexy straps which cross her back. Her double D-cups are encased in a black lace bra until she takes it off to smoosh those titanic tits together. Katarina’s black corset straps press against her firm, curvy buttocks. See her lose [... Read Full Article]
july 28, 2014
Leg Show Model Rachel Allows Her Generous Foot Fetish Boyfriend Shoegasms!
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When Rachel modeled for me, we began to talk about the kind of things two women speak of when they are alone in an intimate situation—-men, sex and shoes! Rachel buys her heels in Paris…or rather her married boyfriend flies the two of them to Paris for regular shoe shopping expeditions. According to Rachel, Paris [... Read Full Article]
july 27, 2014
Two wheel nylon drive
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When I travel to Europe during the summer time, I prefer to drive a moped. So much easier in traffic and parking. I love the air and then all the attention I get when I sit on the motor bike wearing my garter belt. As you can imagine the skirt has to come up a [... Read Full Article]
july 17, 2014
Lucie’s Long Legs Spread Wide In Shiny Pantyhose And Silver Strappy Sandals
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Wonder what a lovely lassie like Lucie does at the end of her workday? She peels off her scanty underthings, but not before giving herself a sensual massage. Watch Lucie as she caresses her shapely calves, taut thighs and slender ankles through her gleaming sheer pantyhose. Not only does she wear sexy lingerie, she’s beautiful, busty [... Read Full Article]
july 11, 2014
Leg Show Model Naomi’s Perfect Feet And Fetishy Submissive Man To Anoint Them!
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When I shot Naomi, I commented on how incredibly well groomed she is. She had the perfect pedicure and feet pretty enough to display not just in heels but totally bare. Her feet are important to Naomi, and she acknowledged that her submissive boyfriend had an incredible foot fetish. He loved seeing her wear those [... Read Full Article]
july 7, 2014
4th of July
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This year's fireworks were displayed on the south side of Manhattan. I was invited to the party in the penthouse of Standard Hotel in East Village. It was a nice cool evening, cool people, amazing views to all sides of the city. I had my folks visiting me from Czech Republic. They were simply speechless. [... Read Full Article]
june 30, 2014
Leg Show Model Veronika Is A Dominant Woman Who Humiliates Guys With Pantyhose
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As a photographer, I was so inspired by Veronika’s long, shapely legs I decided to encase them in shiny pantyhose. I asked if she minded modeling with them, instead of wearing the sexier thigh high nylons affixed by garters. Veronika assured me pantyhose can be erotic indeed, especially the way she utilized them at home. [... Read Full Article]
june 15, 2014
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
Here's a story about a lucky airline passenger who got body worship lessons from a dominant stewardess! If he shows that he has the qualifications, he might become her regular anal admirer--her New York Tongue!--Irv O. Neil, Best Leg Show Story Editor “Your ass is so beautiful, I will serve no other!” “Yes, I will put my [... Read Full Article]
june 14, 2014
Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola
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What a great night! I went to see a friend, a cuban piano player, Elio Villafranca performing at his"Jass Syncopators" CD release party. Despite the stormy weather with heavy rains and lightning, the crowd showed up on time. I was late as usual, so I had to sit at the bar. That  is the spot [... Read Full Article]
june 13, 2014
Leg Show Model Helena Turns Her Submissive Sugar Daddy Into A Crying Cuckold!
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You probably imagine that a sexy young woman like Helena has the world by the tail and men at her feet.  And you’d be correct. But after speaking with brunette beauty Helena, she’s not as sexually conventional as I’d imagined. Helena has two lovers--  one is a strapping young graduate student and the other is [... Read Full Article]
june 11, 2014
Maria V in Red Seamed nylons
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Maria knows her derriere is one of her best features, and says she makes her submissive sugar daddy kiss it. She also loves him to lick her toes and described it as an erotic act. “First he takes one toe in the mouth, sucks it, then he takes his tongue to the area between the [... Read Full Article]
june 5, 2014
Vanessa Is Sizzling Hot In Sexy Red Seamed Vintage Nylons And Needs A Release!
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This long tressed temptress is smokin’ hot as she relaxes on her sofa in a red leopard print corselet. Vanessa unsnaps their hook and eye back closures to release her tasty titties. Then she pops her RHT (reinforced heel and toe) vintage seamed hose off her erotic black garters. Vanessa has kicked off her high [... Read Full Article]
may 27, 2014
Nyloned Feet
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One of my devoted fans invited me last night for a lovely dinner. The weather finally warmed up, so we sat on the sidewalk enjoying the view of the East Village street life scene. Most of the women around us were dressed in jeans, sneakers, some had flip flops, but we have not seen one [... Read Full Article]
may 26, 2014
Foot Fetish Model Anna Rules Over Her Beau In Black Stockings & Gold Stilettos
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When I shot dark and delicious Anna, we decided not to just dress her in sexy black nylons, but to go for the gold as accent pieces. Making up a model, doing her hair and especially styling her garments takes up quite a lot of time and in those hours, you get to know the [... Read Full Article]
may 21, 2014
Foot Fetish Model Monika Makes Her Submissive Man Shop Till She Drops Her Panties
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When Monika modeled for me, I decided to feature her curvy bottom and long, shapely legs in iridescent pantyhose. The black shoes, size 6, with blue high heels were hers, along with a plush fur coat.  When I asked her where she shopped for such nice things she confessed that she takes her submissive boyfriend [... Read Full Article]
may 19, 2014
Dominika’s Derriere Rules Wearing Black Seamed Nylons Fastened By Sexy Garters
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Exotic Dominika, with her dark curly hair, knows how to dress (and undress!) to impress.  Her shiny black patent leather pumps have seven inch stiletto heels and are fastened by slender straps that encircle her delicate ankles. Her nylons are black as well, and have a reinforced toe as well as back seam. Dominika’s bottom [... Read Full Article]
may 18, 2014
My Birthday!
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I had a good one. I got lots of pairs of stockings, some pantyhose and of course SHOES! These bronze ones match the shine on the Secrets In Lace bronze welt. We had delicious dinner, smooth wine and intellectual conversations, up until they brought the cake. Something changed when I stood up and bent over [... Read Full Article]
may 15, 2014
RHT stockings anyone?
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The other day I received a question from a girl: "What is RHT?" So I looked up a best pic I got of my feet wearing them. RHT stands for Reinforced Heal and Toe. The best ones, like these on this pic, are available at www.secretsinlace.com. I call them: Foot Fetish Delight. Practicality aside, we [... Read Full Article]
may 13, 2014
Foot Fetish Queen Caroline Goes Shoe Shopping In Sheer To Waist Pantyhose
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
You’ve seen those tall young girls stride into a shoe shop to buy another pair of high heels to add to their sexy wardrobe. Follow brunette Caroline as she purchases some stilettos then goes home to relax with a glass of wine. In her kitchen now, she unloosens her long shiny hair and undoes her [... Read Full Article]
april 21, 2014
On vacation!
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Just when I got home to the Big Apple, my daughter has invited me to join her on her tip to Vietnam! This will be my 4th trip to Asia. Looooong flight. I will update your weekly content. Not sure if I manage to write the blog, but I can try! Anyone can give me some [... Read Full Article]
april 19, 2014
VIDEO: Swimming with a shark
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There has never been a shark attack reported in the history of Barbados, but that does not mean there are no sharks. Just check out this video and take a closer look at the little triangle fin floating in the blue waves. Yeah, yeah and then I go in, totally not knowing. I am very [... Read Full Article / View Video]
april 17, 2014
Going home party
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My apologies for not posting the new video this week. I had no internet and as you can see no free time either. This last week was demanding on my favorite island. I was just too busy saying goodbye to all my friends. This picture was taken at the closing hour of a beautiful piano [... Read Full Article]
april 7, 2014
Leg Show Model Zuzana Traps Guys with Her Patterned Pantyhose For Fetish Play
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“Don’t yuck my yum,” Zuzana told me when she modeled for me. It was the first time I’d heard that expression so I didn’t know what it meant. She said this after our modeling session, and while we were discussing sexual practices and proclivities. Zuzana confessed she likes to “smother” her beau and must have [... Read Full Article]
march 31, 2014
Katarina Is Cooking In The Kitchen Wearing Red Stilettos And Sheer Pantyhose!
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This vixen proves that a kitchen counter isn’t just for the preparation of food. No, it’s for this super-stacked beauty to jump up on, it’s where she can wiggle her perfectly rounded rear in your face! Katarina fondles her fabulous, pendulous breasts, caresses her pretty feet and bathes her red polished toes in the sink. [... Read Full Article]
march 20, 2014
Blonde Sarka's Torrid Tush And Tootsies In Metallic Stilettos & Patterned Pantyhose!
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Sarka gets out of her little red convertible wearing metallic pumps with sexy seven inch heels. But before she slithers out of her skin tight dress, Sarka’s going to show you her bubble butt pressed into patterned pantyhose. She’s super stacked and soon looses all her undergarments to loll about a blanket in the altogether. [... Read Full Article]
march 19, 2014
Guess who likes foot fetish?
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
This one should be easy. I am doing this only to see if you still remember me. I have not posted anything on my blog in the last week, because I was swamped with family business. One of my fans wants to publish a coffee table book only with the pics of me in stockings. [... Read Full Article]
february 24, 2014
Jana Spu’s Leggy Stair Climb Home To Finally Peel Off Her Hose And Pet The Kitty!
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It’s been a long work day for brunette beauty Jana Spu. The commute was a nightmare. She’s bone tired and just wants to relax. Watch as she takes off her leopard dress to reveal matching animal print dainty underthings. Finally she can kick off her not so comfy metallic gold pumps with the stiletto heels. [... Read Full Article]
february 17, 2014
Dominant Foot Fetish Model Renata Rules In The Kitchen Over Her Submissive Man
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When Renata modeled for Leg Show, we chose a kitchen setting because we’d spoken about recipes and cooking at the go-see. (A go-see is for models what an audition is for actors.) Naturally, these dominant leg models are way friendlier to female photographers than they are to men! I chose a garter belt and shiny [... Read Full Article]
february 13, 2014
Chaka Khan in Jamaica, February 2014
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Besides legs, stockings and lingerie, I also shoot musicians. One of the contributors to my videos is a good friend of mine, drummer: Paul Peress. He is the one who organized this amazing gig in Jamaica. I had the honor to shoot Chaka Khan, one of my favorite singers of all times. She looked and [... Read Full Article]
february 12, 2014
Leg And Foot Fetish Model Victoria Spills The Beans On Her Submissive Male
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If you’re looking at all that liquor and thinking I have to get the models tipsy to get them to be less inhibited, I’ve got to admit the booze was for me. Although the shoot went well and Victoria was easy to work with, I went home thinking that I was glad not to be [... Read Full Article]
february 10, 2014
Victoria Blaze’s Naughty Ride In A Stretch Limo Stripping Off Shiny Stretched Hose!
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The stunning brunette steps into a stretch limo wearing a sequined bustier, matching mini skirt and six inch patent leather pumps. There’s plenty of room in the back to peel off those stockings, spread shapely legs and play with tootsies and pussy. Victoria makes good use of the limo cocktail bar by pouring the liquor [... Read Full Article]
february 4, 2014
VIDEO: Leg Show Model Rita Rules Over Her Boss With Her Heels & Crotchless Pantyhose
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Click on the image to play VIDEO
When I was booking Rita for our shoot, she said she worked during the day and had a regular office job, a nine to five. But, she added, she could still come and model for me during the day. “Calling in sick?” I joked. Rita told me that she had her boss wrapped around her [... Read Full Article / View Video]
january 27, 2014
Leg Show Model Marketa Is A Domme Who Keeps Submissive Men On Their Toes!
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
When you look at Marketa in her black latex and fishnet, her spiked heels studded with metal, then take in her piercing gaze, you know she’s a severe domme. And there’s no shortage of submissive men willing to serve her. I knew she lived with a sub and was curious, wondering how a dominant woman [... Read Full Article]
january 26, 2014
Hacker attacked BestLegShow! NEW STORY is posted!
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
As unbelievable as this sounds. I wonder why did they even bother with a site like this. If I was a hacker I would concentrate on a bank, not a site with pics of nude girls. Especially in todays world, where there are so many of free porn sites available. I take it as a [... Read Full Article]
january 24, 2014
Fixing the FATAL bug!
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
Just as I was back from vacation and ready to update, the site was soooo SLOW! At first I thought a simple restart would fix the problem, but then we needed some experts to come and help. No idea how did that happen. I can assure you, we are working on this right now. It [... Read Full Article]
january 15, 2014
The 12th issue of Sinical Magazine is now available.
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
Featuring: Kendra James, Ludella Hahn, GirdleBound, Gio Stockings, Jana Krenova, Zhenya Merrick, a book review of "Hot & Pervy Paris Girls", Astraea Invade, Hollis Ireland, and comic art by Scott Tauser.  For print copies, copy this link in your browser: http://www.sinicalmagazine.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=673 Download a free digital copy here:  http://www.sinicalmagazine.com/sinical_issue_12.pdf [... Read Full Article]
january 13, 2014
Last week of my vacation
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You know I am living it up. Last Saturday I went for a catamaran cruise along the south and west coast of Barbados. First stop was at Carlisle Bay where we snorkeled and saw some huge turtles. Then we put up the sails and took off to the west side of the island, where we [... Read Full Article]
january 7, 2014
Foot Fetish Dominant Lady Katarina Keeps Her Guy Serving Her As Her Slave!
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
You’ve seen her posing as she is in the office. Strong. Commanding. In control. Some of you have written me to ask what she is like in real life. Is she softer at home? Not a chance, guys! She lives with this fellow who she calls her slave. This is a woman who likes her [... Read Full Article]
december 30, 2013
Happy New Year 2014!
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
This is me right now... relaxing in Barbados, reflecting on the entire year. All the models, outfits, stockings, heels. I am a perfectionist. I want to bring you the best, thats why I call my site "bestlegshow". These are real women, real nylons and real locations. I am planning to do even more next year. [... Read Full Article]
december 27, 2013
Leg Show Foot Fetish Model Sandra Is Trouble In A Pair Of Striped Pantyhose!
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Yikes, stripes! Sandra Star was a model who had lots of suggestions for poses, and for wardrobe. I used her own pantyhose and shoes for the shoot, and she brought others as well. I noticed a blotch or stain on one of the shoes and asked her about it. Sandra told me her submissive tried [... Read Full Article]
december 23, 2013
Merry Christmas and all the best in 2014!
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
At this time of the year I usually find myself in a crazy busy frenzy, trying to do way too much than physically possible. All the parties, X-mass shopping, card signing, trips to the post office, cards receiving, emails to answer, ahhhh. I always wonder, why all this stress? There must be a better way. [... Read Full Article]
december 20, 2013
Boss Lady Katarina’s Curvy Coffee Break In Girdle, Garters and Stockings
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Katarina is that kind of boss lady, one who comes in on weekends to finish up those extra special pressing duties. But it’s soon time for her coffee break, so she can relax, unhook her size Double D bra, spread her legs and pet the kitty. Katarina’s wearing see-thru panties, a lacy black bra, an [... Read Full Article]
december 9, 2013
VIDEO: Ester Is A Foot Fetish Model Who Knows How To Handle Her Submissive Man
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click on the image to play behind the scenes VIDEO
After Ester modeled for me, I asked her how was her submissive boyfriend doing. Ester, who is studying English, told me that “submissive boyfriend” was a oxymoron, a contradiction in terms, like jumbo shrimp. “Either a man is your submissive, or he’s your boyfriend”, she explained. As it turns out, Ester has both. The boyfriend, [... Read Full Article / View Video]
november 29, 2013
Sinical Magazine
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
Wanna know more about me? You are not the only one. SINICAL magazine just posted an interview: sinicalmagazine.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=664&Itemid=241 Sinical is an alternative modeling & photography magazine. The magazine holds a high end, sexier side of pinup in a timeless fashion. You can visit them online and see for yourself. Great interviews with models, artists, dominatrices, photographers, musicians as [... Read Full Article]
november 25, 2013
Leg Fetish Model Vendula’s Perverted Party For Dominant Women
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Redheaded Vendula loves to entertain and when she modeled for me, she later asked me to join her and her group of girlfriends, all dominant women. Her apartment was charming, the food was not up to my standards, the wine was very much to my liking but the service...unbelievable! She had her submissive boyfriend serve [... Read Full Article]
november 18, 2013
Mia’s Porcelain Pleasures Bathroom Pantyhose Reverse Strip!
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
Like seeing a girl diddle herself in the tiniest room of the house? We do, too! Mia is in the tub soaking her tootsies under running water then pleasuring her pussy with a shower spray. She towels off, showing us her shapely boobs and bottom, then steps into her pantyhose. Oh, that pantyhose reinforcement is [... Read Full Article]
november 12, 2013
Leg Show Model Petra V. Is A Dominant Woman Who Orders Corner Time For Her Guy!
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Leggy Petra is obviously gorgeous so I assumed she was as sweet as she is comely. Always a wrong assumption for these leg models! Petra is a dominant woman who told me how she likes to control her boyfriend. They don’t live together, too close for comfort, she confides. If her submissive beau does something [... Read Full Article]
november 11, 2013
Foot Fetish Shot for my Foot Fetish Followers
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
What was I thinking? Posting pics of my feet without nylons? Sorry folks. Here is one from last Summer. I was just trying on some new lingerie and color combinations. As much as I love the classic black, when I am styling my models, I need more variety. In the summer time when they have [... Read Full Article]
november 2, 2013
Lick My Feet!
By BestLegShow | 3 comments
As per popular request from my fans overseas ;-) I am posting a close ups of my high arched, succulent feet. No, no, not for your pleasure. This one is for my pleasure ONLY. Lick them, kiss them, massage them, suck them, spoil me!!! ...and send me a note how it was ;-) [... Read Full Article]
november 1, 2013
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
If you never heard of a queening stool than you were missing out. This is a low seat which fits over the submissive's face and has an opening to for oral-genital and/or oral-anal stimulation of the  [... Read Full Article]
october 28, 2013
Fetish Model Westy Loves To Smush and Smother Her Subs With Her Pumpkins!
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When I photographed Westy, it was clear to me that her breasts were one of her best features. Her submissive boyfriend thinks so, too, Westy confided. He loves to bury his head between them, or lie down and have her breasts lie heavy on his head, as if crushing him. Another of his favorite things [... Read Full Article]
october 25, 2013
Leg Fetish Model, Jet Slut Renata Flies Very Private With Wealthy Submissive Men
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
Renata is a leg model who likes to go places. And I’m not talking about the latest trendy bar or restaurant in Prague. She has managed to find a wealthy, and very submissive man who has a private plane to take her to Paris or Rome for the weekend...and spend mad stacks on her! In [... Read Full Article]
october 21, 2013
Victoria Sweet’s Office Foot Fetish And Panty Petting Session
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This svelte brunette seems bored at work, gazing at her globe and longing to travel. She’s also longing to shed her clothes and pet the kitty! Watch as she drops her skirt to reveal black stockings pinned to a pristine white garter. A lace pattern adorns her seven inch high stiletto platform pumps, and she’s [... Read Full Article]
october 14, 2013
Ladylike Victoria’s Rooftop Reverie In Leather, Lace And Torrid Tights!
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
She’s walking down a cobblestone street wearing black leather and black high heeled pumps. A wide brimmed black feathered hat is on her head and she’s ever so confident. When Victoria climbs the stairs of her apartment building you can see the black laces on the backs of her pantyhose. So stylish! She reaches the [... Read Full Article]
october 8, 2013
Foot Fetish Model Maria Gets Her Tush and Tootsies Licked By Submissive Guys
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If you’d seen Maria’s pictures, you’ve noticed that she has one hell of a firm, round, delectable bottom. When I photographed her, I chose to feature that wonderful rear sheathed in black nylon. As it turned out, my model was as much of a tease as I am! Maria knows her derriere is one of [... Read Full Article]
october 7, 2013
Kattie Gold’s Torrid Pantyhose Peek Show At Look Out Tower
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Kattie is taking a tram up to Petrin Tower where she can enjoy the view. Now you can enjoy the view of leggy lithe Kattie in her tight scarlet dress and matching strappy sandals. She’s wearing the sheerest pantyhose underneath, and spreads her legs wide open on a park bench so you can see just [... Read Full Article]
september 19, 2013
Temptress Magazine Issue #4 - again
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I am sure you recognize these two hotties that are my models and you have seen them on www.bestlegshow.com. Temptress magazine is just getting better with each issue. I love the variety of models, you get vintage, modern, voluptuous, punks, S&M, glamour, leg fetish, foot fetish, nylons, fishnets, pantyhose and all in stilettos. Sexy as hell, [... Read Full Article]
september 16, 2013
Leg Show Model Veronika Has Been Twerking For Years In Her Submissive’s Face!
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I asked my brunette friend and model Veronika what she thought of Miley Cyrus’ performance at the Video Music Awards.  According to Veronika, Miley is a role model for all skinny broads who don’t have a big butt but still like to shake it! Veronika has been twerking for a couple of years now, and says [... Read Full Article]
september 9, 2013
Andrea Wants What’s Good For Showing You What She’s Got That’s Good!
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Here’s a beautiful woman who demands to be treated very, very well. She deserves it. Your eyes will devour the sight of Andrea in her corset, her plump rear and bouncy breasts poking out temptingly. Take in her seamed stockings with reinforced heels and toes, topped by 8 inch stiletto heeled pumps, with sexy red [... Read Full Article]
september 6, 2013
Temptress Magazine Issue #4
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This newest issue of Temptress Magazine is packed with beautiful photos and awesome interviews including Kacie Marie, Goldie Golden, Roswell Ivory, Mabel Normand, Molly Morrison, Rockwell DeVil, Miss Miranda, Tania Fonseca, Karin Noelle, Veronica Lake, Melissa Drew, Visha Loo, Randi Marlene, October DiVine, Tina Tokyo, Nyxon, Scarlett Von Raven, Oleysa Shayda, Ria Fredericks and much [... Read Full Article]
september 2, 2013
Leg Fetish Model Jana Val Is A Demanding Goddess To Submissive Men!
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My model Jana and I had a lot in common. Hey, we’re both named Jana, we’re tall and blonde (well I am almost blond). I think I exhibit a great deal of authority, but nothing like Jana Val. That silver Mercedes in the photo set was given to her by a submissive boyfriend because that’s [... Read Full Article]
august 31, 2013
Double Fantasy Comes Through
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I have not met a man who did not have this fantasy. If one pair of cute feet gives you this much pleasure, then how about 2 pairs? Gray Fisher has shared this true story with us:  "My goal was to simply help an overworked woman “de-stress” with a relaxing foot rub.  If it happened to [... Read Full Article]
august 29, 2013
Katarina’s Jewels Are Her Cushy Can And Tremendous TaTas...Not Her Necklaces
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Curvy Katarina likes trying on all her jewelry at once...along with her vintage hose and lingerie. Watch as she struts about on black patent leather spike-heeled pointy-toed pumps. She’s wearing an old fashioned girdle and garter; her retro bra has very full cups as Katarina is stacked! You’ll love her sienna shaded seamed hose with [... Read Full Article]
august 28, 2013
Slow week!
By BestLegShow | 4 comments
Sorry for the slow speed this week. Our server needs to have a maintenance. We are working on it right now, so please, be patient. I will have a new story for you coming up this weekend. This one is written by Gray Fisher and its called FOOT WORSHIP SCRABBLE. I decided to run this [... Read Full Article]
august 26, 2013
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Not only do I like to cook, but I do it while wearing nylon stockings. This is one secret ingredient I am adding to my wonderful dishes. Ha ha. Its the appetite for everything good that makes my world spin. I was asked to write a cook book. Next to the matching wine I should [... Read Full Article]
august 19, 2013
Dominant Leg Model Gabriela Walks Her Submissive Boyfriend On A Leash!
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When I did the photo session with Gabriela in her shiny pantyhose, we used her house as a location. I noticed a leash nearby, so I asked where her dog was. She replied that he was at work! Gabriela keeps her submissive boyfriend collared at home, and often attaches a leash to that collar to walk [... Read Full Article]
august 12, 2013
Caroline Drives Her Sports Car Wears Vintage Bra & Garters To Rev Your Motor!
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This long legged, pigtailed brunette is tooling around the countryside in her treasured vintage automobile. What better to wear than matching vintage lingerie? It’s a hot day and she’s wearing seamed stockings fastened by red garters. You’ll love her Fifties style pointed cup bra, in red of course, as well as what fills it! Caroline [... Read Full Article]
august 5, 2013
Leg Fetish Model Tracy Is A Dominant Golden Goddess For Her Submissive Beau
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The model Tracy Delicious has an incredible wardrobe and for this session, we chose black nylons with sparkly silver heels and a matching silver corset. I loved her black see through panties, too, and complimented her on them. Tracy confided her submissive boyfriend loves those panties the best...because of what he can’t see! He loves [... Read Full Article]
august 1, 2013
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It was a crafty trick that her deceptive new hubby played on her...but Mistress Angelica would have the last laugh, as we see in this young woman's startling confession of twisty fetish passion!-- Read the full sexy story by Irv O. Neil, Best Leg Show Story Editor [... Read Full Article]
july 30, 2013
Leggy Jana’s Public Flashing Session By The River!
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You’ve seen those young, slender girls like Jana taking a walk by the park or river and wonder what would happen if they just let all the guys see what they wanted to see? If she began to lift her short skirt, caress her supple thighs under the elastic garters,  massage those toes beneath the [... Read Full Article]
july 29, 2013
New TEMPTRESS magazine vol. 3 is out!
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World's Hottest Pin-Ups, Glamour Goddesses & Badass Babes, indeed! One of them is my favorite Lucy M in nylon stockings. But there is more. Interviews with Miss Marlo Marquise, the tattooed burlesque performer Rockwell DeVil and Betty Ann. Temptress will take you back in time with amazing, sexy collection of pictures of Lilyan Tashman, Barbara [... Read Full Article]
july 24, 2013
Leg Show Fetish Model Zuzana Puts Her Submissive Man’s Butt To Good Use!
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
I told my model Zuzana that she’s got a great ass for pantyhose. “Not as great as my boyfriend’s ass,” she laughed, before telling me what she does with that butt of his. He is a bit submissive and enjoys a tap on the behind from either a well manicured open hand or a leather [... Read Full Article]
july 16, 2013
Vanessa Pets Her Pink In The Sun Wearing Black Nylons With Pink Welts!
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click on the image to see the trailer
It’s a sunny day and brunette beauty Vanessa relaxes on her terrace. Her long, lovely stems are encased in silky dark hose with pink welts and garters which match her sassy pink miniskirt. Watch as she props her stockinged feet on the table to flex them in your face. And when she loses the hose [... Read Full Article / View Video]
july 9, 2013
Happy Feet in Croatia
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When I was a small girl, my parents took me here for vacation. It was the closest and most affordable sea to the former Czechoslovakia. I still have the pics and great memories. Many years passed by and here I am again as a grown woman, enjoying the laid back atmosphere of the small islands [... Read Full Article]
july 8, 2013
Leg Show Model Lucy Has Her Submissive Boyfriend Give Her A Bath
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Every dominant woman I know has her sub rub...give her a massage. But my model, Lucy, also has her henpecked subby give her a shower spray massage in the tub. Lucy dresses up for the event, submerging herself in the tub wearing her hose, heels, best lingerie. Her sub wields the shower spray, giving Lucy [... Read Full Article]
july 6, 2013
Leg Show Model Mia’s Black & White Lingerie Strikes A Chord In Submissive Men
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As piano music plays in the background, leggy Mia plays in black and white as well. Stroke it to her black strappy sandals and dark nylon stockings. Her bra and garter are and ebony and ivory treat for your meat. Watch as she releases her thong from her butt crack and slides it down her [... Read Full Article]
july 1, 2013
New Story: HIS PINUP MISTRESS (By Irv O. Neil)
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It all started innocently enough. I told my girlfriend Marva that she could be a pinup. When she said she was “too old” for that, I told her that women in their forties weren’t thought of as “old” anymore. I told her that if she agreed to pose, I’d find her a photographer to do [... Read Full Article]
june 24, 2013
Leg Fetish Model Chikita Has A Submissive Male Maid And Drives Him Wild!
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There are many things a leg fetish model must bring to the table. She must be pretty, young, alluring, have great gams and also it helps if she has a great wardrobe. Some of the garments my models wear are mine, but many are from their own wardrobe. Chikita has a lot of clothes. Her [... Read Full Article]
june 18, 2013
Tracy Delicious Is Delectable In Black Stockings, High Heels And Lingerie
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There's something about a blonde in frilly black lingerie that will launch a tent in your lap. Savor Tracy's sheer black stockings. You know you want to trace your tongue from her firm tush to her painted toenails. Her strappy sandals were made for her to walk tall, and perhaps carefully place one lovely unshod [... Read Full Article]
june 15, 2013
Venice Party at Palazzo
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
I was invited to visit Biennale in Venice in Italy. Its an art exhibition, where every country has a pavilion with the selected artist's art show. Very interesting indeed. Everywhere artists, hip crowd of art dealers and some fun people. Every night I was dining in the best restaurants. This picture was taken on midnight [... Read Full Article]
june 10, 2013
Leg Fetish Model Sandra Loves To Force Her Man Into Dressing As A Female!
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My site features beautiful blonde Sandra not just in her scarlet strappy dress and matching high heeled gladiators; you also can see her getting dressed. I think it’s exciting to see a woman in her hair curlers, smoking a cigarette in the bathtub, relaxing before her tryst with a guy. But Sandra doesn’t hide her [... Read Full Article]
june 6, 2013
Do you ever wonder why you read about so many sex scandals in the government?
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
"When you're really a slave, all that matters is to serve your mistress..." Here's the NEW STORY of a middle-aged guy who takes a big chance with his professional life by getting involved in a kinky relationship with a much younger woman...hoping to fulfill his dreams of fetish worship! Enjoy!--Irv O. Neil, Best Leg Show [... Read Full Article]
june 4, 2013
Tereza’s Tootsies Are Topped by Vintage Stockings, Garter and Apron In the Kitchen!
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If you like the old fashioned look on a thoroughly modern gal, get a load of Tereza in a Fifties apron while she whips up something in the kitchen. Her red patent leather high heeled pumps match her scarlet bra and see through panties. Watch as she pops up on the kitchen counter, revealing sheer [... Read Full Article]
may 29, 2013
Leg Fetish Model Martina Is A Dominant Woman Who Demands Tribute From Her Subs
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When I first saw Martina’s wardrobe, I thought she has to have a very generous husband, sugar daddy or boyfriend, as Martina told me she does not work and modeling barely paid the bills. I’m nosy enough to have asked her how she got so many pretty things. She had the finest lingerie, designer clothes, [... Read Full Article]
may 25, 2013
Silver grey stilettos
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Another sample from my shoe collection. These are from Guess, size 9, heel 4 1/2 inch high, that is about the highest I can really walk in. Anything above 5" you have to carry me! I am packing for my trip to Prague. This time I will be travelling around Europe. First trip is Venice, [... Read Full Article]
may 20, 2013
Flame Tressed Andrea Dominates And Diddles In A Pair Of Shiny Pantyhose!
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Click on this behind the scenes picture to see the trailer!
What’s hotter than a voluptuous redhead? And how’d you like to see this flame crotched beauty come home after a day at the office to shed her work clothes? That’s just what Andrea does. First she steps out of the tight black miniskirt. Then she loses the black lace bra, unleashing her big, natural breasts. [... Read Full Article / View Video]
may 19, 2013
Birthday Blues
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Here we go again. Another year, another birthday. They just keep coming and we celebrate the extra year in our lives. As the time goes by we are changing our priorities. Even the gifts are changing. This year I received 4 pairs of shoes from my fans. All they want in return is a picture [... Read Full Article]
may 13, 2013
Dominant Woman Katarina Is A Leg Fetish Model Kicking Up Her Heels In the Office
By BestLegShow | 4 comments
Redheaded, long legged Katarina isn’t the boss during working hours. But after hours, the office clothes come off and the kink comes out! She’s got a supervisor who is into Pony Play, and loves to get on all fours while Katarina rides him around the office. He’ll wind his way through the various desks with [... Read Full Article]
may 11, 2013
Brooklyn Nights
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
Last night I was invited to a friend's house in Brooklyn. He was having a small party with a bunch of musicians. I was dressed to kill, because I was coming from a very expensive restaurant. While engaging in the small talk, I was asked what type of photography I do. None of them had [... Read Full Article]
may 9, 2013
Behind the scenes of Secrets In Lace Photo shoot!
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Ashley is like me, we need some fun between the shots
Ashley! The one and only has been modeling Secrets In Lace lingerie since at least 18 years. Ashley has great legs, she has a shape and she is every man's dream. Next to her Secrets In Lace has recruited number of other models but only few remained. On this recent photo shoot we had two [... Read Full Article]
may 6, 2013
New VIDEO: Boby Is Smokin' Hot In Her Smoke Grey Hose & Purple Pumps
By BestLegShow | 5 comments
click on the image to play TRAILER
Hard to believe that Boby has been stood up, especially when she's wearing a black and purple corselet around her terrific ta-tas and marching purple pumps on her long, shapely legs. She caresses those legs in a sexy silhouette and you'll want to lick the seams from the top of her tempting tush to the [... Read Full Article / View Video]
may 1, 2013
LEGGY MASTERPIECE! New story by Irv O. Neil
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meet Jan Eckert, the bad boy famous artist and sculptor
Here’s a confession from a gal named Melissa who beat the recession by starting her own business—by posing nude or in lingerie as a “living statue” for fetish lovers!—Irv O. Neil, Best Leg Show Story Editor This story gave me an idea: I have a friend in Prague, Jan Eckert, acclaimed artist and sculptor. I will [... Read Full Article]
april 30, 2013
Dominant Woman Amica Is A Leg Fetish Model With A Clean Shaven Sub!
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When Amica donned her tight red dress and high heeled, strapped pumps at my studio, I noticed an electric razor among her personal belongings, which were stuffed in a duffle bag. I asked her if she used it on herself, as dominant women usually treat their public hair with laser and their leg hair with [... Read Full Article]
april 25, 2013
Temptress Magazine 2 is out!
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Just received a second issue of Temptress. Here is what it makes you feel: a breeze from the good old days, when women were still not women and not just pussies. Their outfits give give you the sense of anticipation, there is an aura of playfulness and class. Just a few ones I am particularly [... Read Full Article]
april 24, 2013
VIDEO: Gabriella’s Guitar Playing In Black Pantyhose Will Rock Your World!
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click on the picture to play the TRAILER
This saucy brunette is all alone and rocking out with her guitar and other musical instruments. She’s wearing a mini-skirt, tights with a wild floral swirl pattern, and shiny navy high heeled pumps. Gabriella caresses the length of each shapely leg, stopping to pet the kitty. When she rolls down her hose to fling her [... Read Full Article / View Video]
april 18, 2013
Behind the scenes VIDEO
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click on the picture to play a VIDEO
Every now and then when we shoot in public, we encounter some funny situation, like these two. We were at the office of a CEO of medium size company. There were not real walls, just partitions, so we had to keep quiet. Just at the moment when Andrea was naked on the desk, two people [... Read Full Article / View Video]
april 15, 2013
Dominant Leg Fetish Model Nadia Has Two Kinky Shoe Wardrobes For A Reason!
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Whenever I hire a model, especially a gorgeous leggy blonde like Nadia, I have many pair of shoes on hand in many sizes. I ask the model to bring her own shoes as well. We see what will work best with the wardrobe. Nadia brought only high heels but said she had two kinds of [... Read Full Article]
april 12, 2013
Which one is your favorite model?
By BestLegShow | 3 comments
This was the best winter I had in a long time. I was staying on my favorite little island in the Caribbean. The heat of the sun, swimming in the big waves made it difficult to do just about anything at the end of the day. I tried to edit new photo sets as well as [... Read Full Article]
april 10, 2013
Redheaded Andrea’s Dominance Pose In Stockings & Garters On Her Office Desk
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Click on the image to play TRAILER
Is there any better way to show that she runs the show than stripping down to one’s reinforced stockings and hose and jumping upon the desk? Andrea lets us in on her little secret--she likes to get raunchy when alone in the office. She loves wearing those reinforced heel and toe stockings with the straight, [... Read Full Article / View Video]
april 8, 2013
Cruel Katy Pearl Likes to Dress Her Submissive Boyfriend In Fetish Lingerie!
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Katy likes to be admired wearing her black nylons and high heeled ankle strap shoes. Hey, that’s one of the reasons she likes being a lingerie model! But it takes a special kind of woman to be such a model. The kind of dominant woman who loves submissive men! Katy’s submissive boyfriend not only loves [... Read Full Article]
april 2, 2013
NEW STORY: Sole or Hole?
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
Here's a story about a guy named Tad whose lady friend Aurora was sharp enough to discover exactly what he wanted--her feet! You can't fool a woman's intuition!—Irv O. Neil, Best Leg Show Story Editor [... Read Full Article]
april 2, 2013
Leg Fetish Model Tracy Keeps A Queening Stool For Her Submissive Men!
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When Tracy first came to me in a casting session, I wanted her to be in business clothes, as modeling was not her primary source of income but office work. I used her own suit jacket but paired it with a bright red miniskirt and matching scarlet high heels. Tracy suggested I shoot her at [... Read Full Article]
march 28, 2013
Diana’s Elegant Pantyhose Strip--Torrid Female Flesh On An Antique Wooden Bar!
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She’s that unapproachable brunette you see at one of those classy restaurants. As Diana slithers up to the carved mahogany bar, you see she’s wearing gold metallic ankle strap high heels. But you wonder...what’s underneath? Now she shows you by raising her skirt and sliding her beautifully manicured hands down the backside of her pantyhose. [... Read Full Article]
march 25, 2013
Lovely blonde Westy looks like a lady who knows her way around a mattress.
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And when she posed for me, I told her she struck me as a woman who was “good in bed”. But Westy set me straight on how she is in bed. The busty blonde likes to tie her boyfriend to each of her bed’s four posters with a pair of her old pantyhose. Sometimes she [... Read Full Article]
march 18, 2013
Dominant Woman Lucie Is An Exacting And Controlling Leg Fetish Model
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“Do you want me to flex or relax my foot?” Lucie would ask me as my camera shutter clicked away. She knew she looked hot in those ankle strap high heels and tied ribbon pantyhose. When Lucie wasn’t obsessed with following my instructions, she was all too aware of how she looked, what was her [... Read Full Article]
march 13, 2013
Behind the scenes VIDEO with Andrea
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click on the picture to play VIDEO
Andrea is the most wanted model in the leg fetish realm. She is aware of the gems she has. With legs like this, however, she has a problem finding stockings or pantyhose that would really fit. Listen to Andrea what she said when she tried Secrets In Lace pantyhose.  [... Read Full Article / View Video]
march 11, 2013
Leg Fetish Model Evelyn Is A Dominant Woman To Her Submissive At Home
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Evelyn was the perfect model and looking at her, you’d think she was the perfect girl. But girls have fetishes, too, especially those who wear thigh high dark stockings and black garters. Evelyn works for a living in an office. Modeling is for extra money. She knew how to move, knew how to pose, and [... Read Full Article]
march 7, 2013
Concert Pianist Claudie Is An Ebony And Ivory Old Fashioned Fetish Fantasy!
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Behind the scene before the scene! 
This classy blonde plays her concertos wearing black and white, matching her piano’s keyboard. And she’s dressed in a sexy but classical fashion, echoing the classical music she plays. She’s wearing black thigh high stockings with a black lace welt, white garter and panties, a black and white lace bustier, black and white high heeled [... Read Full Article]
march 4, 2013
Leg Fetish Model Renata Spanks Her Much Older Submissive To Turn Him On!
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You see these pictures of the fetching and tattooed Renata in her kitchen and you think she’s such a homebody. She was, indeed, a pleasure to work with. But all is not sweetness and light with Renata at home. According to her, she is financially supported by her much older boyfriend. She has no job, [... Read Full Article]
february 28, 2013
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I'm excited to announce that Irv O. Neil, former editor of Leg World and writer for Leg Show and Leg Action, has come aboard as Best Leg Show's Story Editor. I shot many pictorials and covers for Irv when he edited Leg World--that's my Sandra Star pictorial on the cover of the magazine he's holding [... Read Full Article]
february 27, 2013
Tereza’s Leopard Print Peek-a-Boo Pussy Pantyhose Frenzy
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See this gorgeous brunette wearing leopard print lingerie and matching high heeled pumps. Her sheer black pantyhose is open at the crotch so you catch teasing glimpses of pussy along with all that leopard. Tereza caresses each shapely leg, then rolls around on her shag rug like the sex kitten she is. And when you [... Read Full Article]
february 25, 2013
Dominant Leg Show Model Ivonne Knows How To Treat Her Submissive Beau
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With her flowing blonde tresses, long tanned legs and seven inch high platform shoes, Golden Girl Ivonne knows she’s the ideal woman. And she’s got a boyfriend all too willing to trace his tongue around her lush tush...and puckered rosebud, too! Readers ask me where I get wardrobe--from my stash or the model’s own garb. [... Read Full Article]
february 20, 2013
Tracy Delicious Wiggles Her Delicious Tootsies and Diddles Her Pussy In The Park
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Blonde Tracy looks like any other young girl wearing a miniskirt to take a walk in the park...just way more delicious. She props herself up on a park bench to stroke her long legs clad in sheer vintage dot stockings. These nylons are fastened with black garters that attach to wide black welts. A pair [... Read Full Article]
february 19, 2013
Dominant Leg Fetish Model Carol Knows Where To Put Her Pristine White Panties!
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Busty brunette beauty Carol was a great model for me; she often struck alluring poses without having to be told how to move. When I told her how I loved the sight of her panties dangling off her lace welt stockings and gold high heel sandals, she recounted the story of her submissive boyfriend’s Panty [... Read Full Article]
february 15, 2013
Tracy Takes You On A Sexy Stockings & Garter Subway Ride
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She’s that pretty blonde you see on the subway wearing a fashionable mini skirt with a sensible white blouse and businesslike blazer. You wonder what’s underneath. Now you can see it all...right there on the subway! Oogle her shapely calves sheathed in peau de soie nylons and a sexy garter. See her dangle those back [... Read Full Article]
february 11, 2013
Veronika Zemanova is A Leg Fetish Model Into Humiliating Her Submissive Men!
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When brunette beauty Veronika modeled for Leg Show, it was in a strange location to me--the tiniest room in the house! As she stroked her hairless honeypot and bent over, her adorable feet shod in seven inch maribou trimmed black mules, she told me of a recent experience she had with her submissive boyfriend. According [... Read Full Article]
february 8, 2013
Ready for Nemo
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Once again, New York City is getting hammered with some extreme weather. Here is my advice to all women in NY area: if you don't have high enough heels for all these inches of snow, make sure the dress is short enough. Real fur coat like this one comes in handy as well. The softness [... Read Full Article]
february 7, 2013
Maid Boby Is A Leggy Blonde Made To Clean Your Tubesteak!
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As she goes about her dusting, she’s wearing no panties beneath her apron. Her long, blonde hair caresses her perfect full breasts and fetchingly plump posterior. But watch what she does with pair of black pantyhose, stretching it to rub against her tootsies and twatski. As she pets the kitty, you’ll hear her sexy vocal [... Read Full Article]
february 4, 2013
Librarian Jana Zub Is A Dominant Leg Show Model Into Giving Corner Time
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Not every one of my models gets all of their income from posing. Take leggy Jana Z. for instance, who works part time as a librarian. Of course, she doesn’t wear those criss cross strap platform heels, RHT back seamed stockings and white lace garters to sort the books! But when she’s with her submissive [... Read Full Article]
january 30, 2013
Andrea’s Stockinged Gams In The Taxi Will Drive You Crazy
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Andrea continues her wild taxi ride showing more of her most private womanly charms. Her curvy calves are swathed in the sheerest nylons and her smallish pretty feet are shod in wild purple patent heels. Now it’s time to see what every taxi driver has dreamed of seeing in his back seat--a busty, curvy woman [... Read Full Article]
january 28, 2013
Shione Is A Leg Fetish Model Who'd Rather Be Worshipped Than Ogled
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Shione knows when she straps on her garter belt and snaps on those spiked heels that her pictures will be devoured by countless men. She realizes they will have knowledge of every intimate part of her delicate feminine body. And they'll want to trace their tongues along those parts as they worship at her heels. [... Read Full Article]
january 25, 2013
New Model: Andrea Rosu
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Please, welcome this amazing Romanian beauty in her BLS video debut. We shot this video on the streets of Brooklyn. Andrea has a dirty little secret she wants to share just with you, and the driver who is carrying her to the airport. She's dressed for her business trip in a sensible suit; but underneath [... Read Full Article]
january 21, 2013
Exotic Anna Is A Fetishy Filippina Freaky Domme Into Leg Play
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Don't darker skinned ladies look exceptionally sexy in red? Anna does, especially when she accents the red lace with scarlet ankle strapped spiked heels. But for this of you who think Asian women are submissive, the type to bring you pipe and slippers, maybe give your feet a welcome massage…you don't know Anna! A dominant [... Read Full Article]
january 15, 2013
Rita Is A Leg Fetish Model Who Loves To Dominate Her Cue Ball Subs!
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Raunchy Rita may wear her long hair in an up-do, but she prefers the cue ball look in her fellows. A man with thick, flowing locks may come into Rita’s life but if he wants to stay in Rita’s world...he won’t have that hair for long! If he wants to trace his tongue down Rita’s [... Read Full Article]
january 14, 2013
Back in Business
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Still in Barbados, but now I am ready to work. I had bunch of Czech friends here to visit. We are experiencing trouble with the internet. Lime, the largest provider in the caribbean region has lots of employees on strike, result of which is that most of the island has either no connection, or extremely [... Read Full Article]
december 27, 2012
Taking a break!
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It's been a very exhausting year to find all the best girls and shoot and edit. I am now on my favorite island in the caribbean, taking next 2 weeks off. Hope you understand and be patient. Leg Show magazine models will return on January 15 in much hotter and sexier way. Happy New Year! [... Read Full Article]
december 26, 2012
VIDEO: Golden Girl Jirina Is A Dominant Woman Open To Meeting Submissive Men!
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click on the image to PLAY behind the scenes video!
When you look at a gorgeous model like Jirina, you wouldn’t think she’d be open to meeting men, but she is! What kind of fellow appeals to such a vision of loveliness in her black stockings, garters and negligee? A submissive man, of course! And Jirina told me where she’s looking, too! She’s going to [... Read Full Article / View Video]
december 20, 2012
Chloe, Leg Fetish Model Paired With A Redhead Joya Guarantees Femdom Fireworks!
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Of all the leg fetish shoots I’ve done over the years, some of the most fun for the model are when the model is paired with another girl. These girls had a blast getting together and having it on in this charming tub setting. Their fancy lingerie and high heels were not new to them, [... Read Full Article]
december 10, 2012
Leg Sex Model Westy Is A Busty, Lusty Domme Who Likes Her Dudes Nude!
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You’ve got to admit Westy looks appealing in her sheer stockings and pink lingerie. Her smile is inviting and those huge breasts look welcoming...the perfect flesh to nuzzle and cuddle in! Blonde Westy is a professional lingerie model but off camera, she prefers to take the lead with her guys. Westy told me she was [... Read Full Article]
december 8, 2012
Temptress Magazine is here!
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Since Leg Show magazine is no longer being published, I think you should learn about this newsstand newcomer. Its a non-nude yet extremely sexy presentation of female seductive power. In this premiere issue you will find full page photos as well as interviews with the hottest pin up and glamour goddesses, like Mosh, Ludella Hahn, [... Read Full Article]
december 6, 2012
Flame Tressed Matylda Dominates Leg Fetish Boys
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If you’ve ever heard that redheaded women are short tempered, you’ll want to check out this tall ginger confection who is every inch a dominant woman. Matylda once met a vanilla fellow who asked her “if the collar matches the cuff” meaning whether her nether regions were red headed, too. Matylda replied that no one [... Read Full Article]
december 3, 2012
VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of Tracy's boxing debut
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click on the image to play VIDEO
Take a look how I was showing some moves to Tracy. In this video clip Tracy uses boxing gloves to punch a bag at the gym while wearing black wide gague fishnet pantyhose under her protective leg pads and boxer shorts. She slowly peels off her sweaty togs to reveal her lovely limber body, then [... Read Full Article / View Video]
december 1, 2012
Leg Fetish Model Lucy Is A Dominant Woman Off Camera Only!
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One of the questions I’m most asked is how I can get these dommes to model in every possible position, and if these women are more difficult to work with than others. As a photographer, I can tell you that a good model will assume any pose, mood or attitude that she is instructed. But [... Read Full Article]
november 21, 2012
Our video model of the week Dirty Diana Is Smoking Hot
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She’s got a faux cigarette in her hand because she’s a sensible girl...dirty minded but into clean healthy living. She’s wearing sheer black hose and garters beneath her flimsy black, see thru robe. Now watch the dirty things she does with her panties, lace up shoes with thin steel heels, black thong and nylons. Diana [... Read Full Article]
november 19, 2012
Foot Fetish Filly Petra Is Smoking Hot In Pantyhose
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When I shot Petra, I noticed she was a smoker, so I took a few photos of her smoking a cigarette. She was going to smoke anyway, despite the fact that I do not! You can’t tell a woman like Petra what to do...especially if you’re a man. Petra got off posing in a leopard [... Read Full Article]
november 12, 2012
Leg Show Sweetie Jana Walt Rules Over Her Slave
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I don’t know whether Jana Walt has her slave any more; she did when she modeled for me and graced the pages of Leg Show. The blonde goddess kept a fellow who was devoted to her and completely under her spell. Although Jana was a good model (she followed my instructions) at home, it was [... Read Full Article]
november 9, 2012
Leg Fetish Model Martina Loves To Tie One On...and Tie Men Up!
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Beautiful brunette leg model Martina told me she loves to party. White wines from the Rhine are what she has with dinner, but when she wants to get drunk and let go, Martina turns to vodka. She’s wearing one of her outfits she dons when she’s on the prowl, a shiny red dress and matching [... Read Full Article]
november 7, 2012
VIDEO: Reflections on Sandy
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click on the image to play a VIDEO
Storm is gone, light are back. Four days without power, water, phone service, internet and heat changes your lifestyle. Take a look at this last piece of my personal trilogy on this devastating superstorm. FYI: Lillian is my roommate and friend. Everything happens for a reason. Sandy came here to teach us a lesson. If we learn [... Read Full Article / View Video]
november 5, 2012
Nikola Video is ON for members!
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click on the image to play 11 min VIDEO
After 5 days of power outage, NYC is coming back together. I just uploaded the full video of Nikola in the Garage in the members section. Thank you for your patience. Here is another video for you to see how it looked in my neighborhood the day after hurricane Sandy. Lillian is my roommate. Just [... Read Full Article / View Video]
november 1, 2012
Sandy vs Nikola: Video not fully loaded
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click on the image to play a VIDEO
My apologies to all my members for not providing a full video of Nikola at the Garage. I was in the process of uploading when Sandy knocked on my door. She stormed in ("literary") and knocked out power in my neighborhood. Full version of this clip is available at the STORE. For my members, however, [... Read Full Article / View Video]
october 29, 2012
Leg Show Model Sarka Was A Flame Tressed Firecracker Of A Domme
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Redheaded Sarka only looked like a sweet old fashioned girl. Sure she dressed to please in thigh high stockings with taupe welts attached to a lacy white waist high girdle. Yes, her shapely long stems perched on gold high heeled strappy sandals. She smiled sweetly for Leg Show readers but when she’s not modeling, in [... Read Full Article]
october 26, 2012
Bordeaux on 61st Floor
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I went to the wine tasting event on the 61st Floor of the Empire Sate Building. Huge space, almost the entire floor was set up with individual wine vendors from France, all from the Bordeaux region, which happens to be my favorite. I had a chance to brush up my poor knowledge of French language, [... Read Full Article]
october 22, 2012
Office Romance! Leg Fetish Model Katy Is A Submissive Man’s Dream
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
My model Katy worked in an office during the day but made extra money nude modeling on weekends. Of course, Katy never spread her legs wide open behind her desk so office workers could get a peek at her see thru white panties. But she did confess to wearing high heeled strappy sandals to work. [... Read Full Article]
october 15, 2012
Leg Fetish Model Silvie Dominated The Pages of Leg Show
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Silvie knows how to make the most of her shiny natural blonde hair, glossy red lips and luscious, full breasts. But it’s her seven inch spike heel lace up stilettos that bring men to their knees. Once her fellows are on the floor for more...Silvie likes to put one stiletto shod foot on their chests [... Read Full Article]
october 10, 2012
VIDEO: Latino Lover has trouble with spraying!
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click on the image to play the VIDEO
Behind the scenes documentary from the music video shoot I happened to be a part of. The story goes like this: an overweight toreador, lousy piano player and a corrupted priest decide to go out and pick up some rich bitches. They get invited to their home and the decadence begins. See the finished product [... Read Full Article / View Video]
october 8, 2012
Leg Show Model Alena Was Severe, Studious and Serious
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Our model of the week, Alena, is eye-catching as she shows you what’s underneath her skirt--the seamed hose and garter topped by red patent leather high heeled pumps. What was interesting about Alena was that she was not a professional model. She was a student who needed to make extra cash to continue her studies. [... Read Full Article]
october 2, 2012
Leg Show Model Alyssia Hails From Right Outside OWK...Other World Kingdom
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For you readers who think Czech girls are as sweet as they are beautiful, take a look at haughty Model of the Week Alyssia in her Wolford Pantyhose. The stripes accentuate her 5’10” tall temptress body. These pantyhose look like thigh highs but they go all the way up and cover her perfect ladybits. Alyssia [... Read Full Article]
september 29, 2012
VIDEO: Behind the Scenes with Alyssia
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click on the image to see the 4 min video
Most people think that models come, I take a camera a we shoot for an hour and that's it. WRONG. When the models come (IF they show up) we need to make them look good. Make up takes about one hour and a half. Styling another hour. WE travel to a location, schlep lights and [... Read Full Article / View Video]
september 26, 2012
This Week's Leg Fetish Model On The Cover of Leg World Magazine June 2001
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Veronica Vanoza is a fetching fetish model in her black lace and black lace up shoes. A lot of submissive men love gladiator shoes that lace up the lady's foot and leg. They also have fantasies about being under her feet while feeling the sharp, sexy spike of her heel on their chest...or better yet, [... Read Full Article]
september 23, 2012
His Serene Highness: The Prince of Schwarzenberg
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Karel Schwarzenberg, is the 12th Prince of Schwarzenberg and a minister of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic. He is the eldest son of Prince Karel VI of Schwarzenberg and Princess Antonie von Fürstenberg. He is the 1,322nd Knight of the Order of the Golden Fleece of Austria, he is a [... Read Full Article]
september 20, 2012
Helmut Newton
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
This is the man who really inspired me. The mysterious, decadent merge between fashion and fetish, rather cold but immensely erotic and most of all: very daring. I am not trying to copy him, because I prefer the sunny side of this business I like my models to have fun on the set. As Dian [... Read Full Article]
september 12, 2012
On location with Katarina
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We were honored to shoot on this amazing farm near Prague. This used to be an old mill. Katarina is from a farmers family, so she felt like at home. We had a beautiful, sunny day, birds singing (you can hear them in the video), we were eating outside and felt like we are on [... Read Full Article]
september 9, 2012
End of the Summer!
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This was the hottest summer in NYC as I remember, so I had to fly down to the Caribbean to cool off ;-) Such was my view yesterday. Its only here where I can recharge my batteries. No stockings, true, but many leg lovers. Local lover boys are very attentive to female visitors. The usual [... Read Full Article]
september 5, 2012
NYC taxi again!
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There is something very sexy about taking a cab in NYC and wearing garters. The back seat is divided from the driver, so you feel like you have the privacy to do anything you want. Taxi ride either takes me to or from a nice social event so I already feel relaxed and excited. At [... Read Full Article]
august 20, 2012
Italian Blog
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This is for all my Italian friends who love legs, feet and classy women. Best Leg Show got an excellent review on the biggest leg fetish blog in Italy: www.legambedelledonne.com Brief excerpt in English: "This site publishes the photos taken by Jana, it has some free demo  content but most of the videos and images published are reserved [... Read Full Article]
august 7, 2012
HD at last!
By BestLegShow | 3 comments
last night in Dos Caminos restaurant ;-)
Starting tomorrow, I will be posting all my video in HD quality. I hope most of you have a fast connection, because these are twice as big files. I will also start replacing the previous videos that are already up there with the HD versions. We have already over 100 videos on BLS, so that may [... Read Full Article]
august 3, 2012
Tracy Delicious
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Secrets In Lace stockings
Delicious indeed. I was just editing a new set on her and I thought I should share this shot with you, the ultimate connoisseurs. You know how hard it is to find great legs? I am sure you do. One out of 50 girls has them. When you also get a nice body, beautiful face [... Read Full Article]
july 30, 2012
Last Thursday
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I went to a new bar/lounge opening in the West Village. What a fun night. Met with some good old friends of mine, danced to the funky beat of the live band. Had a free beer, good laugh and hugs. Sometime I need break too ;-) well, but always wearing stockings and always from Secrets [... Read Full Article]
july 23, 2012
VIDEO: what's coming up
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
click on the image to see a trailer
I can assure you, that this little interruption in our video section is worth the wait. Here is a trailer of a video that is scheduled for this Wednesday. I am still hoping my web programmers will manage to fix the length by then. In the meantime: members can simply click DOWNLOAD button and watch [... Read Full Article / View Video]
july 15, 2012
A Change Is Gonna Come
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
You can feel it coming right? Videos are already in HD but now we have to fix the duration. Don't worry, they will not cut  off after 34 sec. They also load faster right? And there is more improvements coming your way now. Since we have so many new models, we also need a model directory. [... Read Full Article]
july 11, 2012
VIDEO: Behind The Scenes
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click on the image to play a VIDEO
Lets face it: Victoria Blaze is beautiful even without make up. See the first video: "Good Morning". However, with a little help of our amazing make up artist: Pobda Vopickova, we made her into a sophisticated glamour, steaming, blazing star. Current "Getting Dressed" video is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more to come. [... Read Full Article / View Video]
july 8, 2012
Upgrading and fixing bugs
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
I am working on a total re-make of this site. HD videos that will expand and most of all: load faster! Photos will be also bigger and better. I will be adding stories couple times a month; those will be downloadable. You will be able to look up your favorite model in a model directory. [... Read Full Article]
june 26, 2012
Some Like it Hot
By BestLegShow | 4 comments
... and some don't. I need to know how do YOU like it?  As you may have noticed already, I avoided pictures with a dildo. There is too much of this on the internet. Most erotic websites are competing in who gets more graphic and also who features more pictures. I never wanted to enter this [... Read Full Article]
june 21, 2012
Home Sweet Home
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
Sorry for this long pause. I was in transit. Lots of things to take care of before my departure from Prague. No matter how I am trying to plan it, pack ahead, the final days are always hectic. Now that I am home, my real home,  I will keep you updated. As you can see, [... Read Full Article]
may 29, 2012
New Video is coming up in HD!!!
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My apologies for skipping a day or two. We are trying to upgrade this site so that you can watch videos in HD quality and in full screen. This may take a few days to complete. I have a team of professionals working on it right now. This little interruption will pay off. Please, bear [... Read Full Article]
may 15, 2012
Seducing the Priest! OMG!
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here is my victim (kinda cool guy, actually)
Well, not quite. This was a music video I had a small part in. The story goes like this: famous bull fighter, Bruno Ferrari is too fat to fight, the piano player is lousy, has no gigs and the priest has lost his faith. They are all broke so they decide to go out and [... Read Full Article]
may 9, 2012
Tech Trouble!
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In the effort to upgrade this site we messed up something in the system. The new pics are not rendering and we don't know why. Please be patient, we are now working on it! [... Read Full Article]
may 6, 2012
VINTAGE: The Wild One
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Marie-Louise was the most immodest model of that time. She posed with her boyfriend as well as other girls too. She did everything, including drugs, she also got the photographer Roland Caré sentenced to 6 months jail time. I am not certain on what charges, but she sure was a troublemaker ;-) Go back to [... Read Full Article]
april 25, 2012
VIDEO: Interview with Rita
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
click on the picture to play video 
This weeks video is shot at an actual workplace of our model/actress Rita. Click on the picture and listen to her personal story. She talks about her life, family, job and why she shoots porn movies. I have a lots of admiration for this girl.  [... Read Full Article / View Video]
april 18, 2012
Ivonne, my first model!
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
With Ivonne, in Agharta Jazz Club in Prague, April 2012
Meet the girl who got me into this business. Czech chick, living in Munich had some business in Switzerland in 1988. She needed a place to stay, so she was referred to me by our common friend. I was living in Zürich at that time, shooting for a local TV guide magazine and had a large [... Read Full Article]
april 9, 2012
Pauline Presents!
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
April is a month of surprises. All our favorite girls will contribute. Now its from behind Pauline's VIDEO camera. This Wednesday, she is going to present "Miriam in The Kitchen": Girl-next-door cheerleader type in sheer-to-waist suntan pantyhose with semi-sheer nylon crotch. Nice mini skirt and black pumps, too. She does normal housework but gives you [... Read Full Article]
april 7, 2012
Veronika Zemanova
By BestLegShow | 4 comments
The one and only, the ultimate sex-goddess of all times, she is coming to grace my site this Monday. I found this set, one of the first I shot with her, around the year 1999, not sure. You will be able to see that my style of shooting has advanced in recent years ;-) However, [... Read Full Article]
april 1, 2012
Prague Castle
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
The Czech president, Vaclav Klaus is a fan of jazz music. This is probably the only thing we have in common. Last Wednesday, I was invited to a concert where my very good friend, an amazing Ondrej Pivec performed with his NYC Trio. This picture was taken at the after party. The guy is a [... Read Full Article]
march 24, 2012
Jacuzzi with my team!
By BestLegShow | 4 comments
Aprés-ski is as important as skiing itself. Hot tub with the sexiest "czech chicks" is of course the ultimate. In order of appearance (from left): Stepanka (hair stylist), GoGo (banker), Pobda (make up artist) and myself. The air temperature was around the freezing point, but we were certainly not cold, trust me ;-) This weekend [... Read Full Article]
march 22, 2012
Spindleruv Mlyn
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
with my cousin: GoGo
As a student I used to be a member of a ski-team. We had a cottage near Spindleruv Mlyn, a famous little town on top of the mountains. Almost every weekend I was training with a bunch of young racers. I never made it to any competition though. It was really rough and I had [... Read Full Article]
march 16, 2012
Mission Impossible
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
I have been here for a week and I am not over my jet-lag for a simple reason: I am up all night almost every night drinking with my friends & family. Impossible to get any work done! Impossible to adjust to the time zone. No wonder they shot a movie: "Mission Impossible," right here [... Read Full Article]
march 13, 2012
Burlesque in Prague
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First night in Prague and there I was at the burlesque performance at Bar-and-Books, very classy venue at very classy part of Prague: Manesova 64/Vinohrady. For anyone who travels to Czech Republic, "czech" out this site for more info: www.barandbooks.cz. There are 2 locations and both really fine and fun. I have met with the [... Read Full Article]
march 11, 2012
By BestLegShow | 2 comments
On my way to Prague. Time to shoot more videos as well as photos. Accepting requests... any models you would like to see more of? Which are your favorites? I will be scheduling soon, so let me know. Looking forward to hear from you. [... Read Full Article]
march 5, 2012
VINTAGE: Yolande Cola (1955)
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This month VINTAGE contribution is a starlet Yolande Cola. She was the girlfriend of a famous comedian/actor Charles Vanel. She wouldn't have been eligible for the Crazy Horse but had a pretty face and wore nicely black seamed stockings. The poses were daring for a would-be actress. She starred in: The Motorcycle Cops, Sacrée Jeunesse, Une nuit aux Baléares [... Read Full Article]
february 28, 2012
Behind the scenes of SIL photo shoot
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
Meet the new models from the latest shoot. I cannot disclose their names, all I can say is: they were amazing. The brunette has a face of Elizabeth Taylor and the redhead is the new VINTAGE icon. See for yourselves on www.secretsinlace.com. They both were very comfortable in front of the camera. Wearing [... Read Full Article]
february 22, 2012
Secrets In Lace
By BestLegShow | 3 comments
I am wearing coffee color RHT
We are preparing for another photo shoot. We have 2 new models and a new location. Since this is a "secret" I cannot tell you more. Except, that I am really excited. I can't wait to see samples of the new collection. You should be able to see them as early as next week! I [... Read Full Article]
february 18, 2012
Happy Birthday Milos!!!!
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
Taking Off, One Flew Over a Cuckoos' Nest, Hair, Ragtime, Amadeus, Man on the Moon, People Versus Larry Flynt, Goya's Ghost, Valmont, ... this is only a partial list of the movies he made in the US. The early work in the Czech Republic includes: Fireman's Ball, Loves of a Blonde, Black Peter...etc.  There are very [... Read Full Article]
february 11, 2012
VINTAGE: Anne-Marie (1964)
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Switchboard operator in a small shop in Paris in the early 60's, she was posing for Roland Carré, André Bélorgey and Serge Jacques. She was a true "girl next door" of the era.  I really like the innocence in her expressions. She evidently just enjoyed posing. She never took it any further, she never did a movie, [... Read Full Article]
february 5, 2012
VIDEO: Bajan Foot Care
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click to play VIDEO (only 43 sec )
Just take a quick look at my daily routine. My feet are so smooth and silky now, ahhhh   [... Read Full Article / View Video]
february 2, 2012
Three Czechs and ten days
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You probably wonder: why do we even bother to travel, when the czech beer is clearly the best. When it's cold and nasty in our homeland, we are willing to compromise. After all, Banks, the local beer of Barbados is not so bad. It matches the climate. Pilsner would be hard to drink actually. The [... Read Full Article]
january 27, 2012
Barbados Blues
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My vacation is coming to an end. Always sad to leave this wonderful island. From blue skies, blue ocean, warm sun and constant breeze back to the gray, rainy world, with hectic life and hard work ahead of me. I wish I could shoot here. Unfortunately the tropical weather is not ideal for nylon stockings [... Read Full Article]
january 23, 2012
Happy Feet
By BestLegShow | 4 comments
Walking barefoot all day in the sand make my feet so smooth and horny. My short straight toes and high arches are craving for attention.  I would love to get a foot massage. Anyone available?  [... Read Full Article]
january 20, 2012
Stairway to heaven
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You agree I hope. This place is really beautiful. I love the beaches here, the people, the weather, the atmosphere. It is really hard to get any work done. We finally managed, late at night, when sun was not seducing us to come out and play.  I hope you like the new home page. It [... Read Full Article]
january 16, 2012
Surfers Cafe in Oistins, Barbados
By BestLegShow | 1 comment
Still in Barbados my friends. Here is my favorite hang out. Its in the fishing village called Oistins. This is the best spot for an afternoon drink and snack with an amazing view of the ocean. Too hot for stockings though. However, my feet are grateful for this break in the sand and sun. Give [... Read Full Article]
january 11, 2012
Barbados again
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Blog updates will be scarce in the next two weeks because of my annual trip to my favorite island. This time I am here with a bunch of czech people and yes of course my croatian web designer: Jelena. We will are planning to redesign BLS home page. But that will be of course weather [... Read Full Article]
january 4, 2012
VINTAGE: Laura Gin (1956)
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Laura posed between the end of 1956 and the start of 1959. She was shot by Roger Espinat, André Bélorgey and Roland Carré. She attempted to step on the music hall stage and got some bit parts in one or two movies, but no big stories in the movie magazines like Ciné-Révélations which were nevertheless eager to tell stories [... Read Full Article]
december 31, 2011
Happy New Year!!!!
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Maintenance done. BLS is back in a full glory. This was a hard work to put this site together; believe me I did it with LOVE. Thank you so much for your support. Thanks to all the members for the monthly "donation", thanks to all for the the patience in times of tech troubles. Next [... Read Full Article]
december 27, 2011
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Best Leg Show appologises for the troubles but we need to run major updates. You may experience some bugs and maybe missing photo galleries, videos. Please, excuse this inconvenience and contact us if you have any questions. We should be back on track within 24 hours. Thanks for understanding. [... Read Full Article]
december 25, 2011
Happy Holidays
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At the end of the year we need to take the time to look back at this year and say: "thanks". I really don't care what religion you believe in. As long as you can read this, we share this planet, we are ONE family. Thanks to all my members! I really appreciate your support! Kisses!!! [... Read Full Article]
december 24, 2011
Christmas cookies
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This is a czech tradition. Women used to spend hours, sometimes the entire nights & days baking these delicious, mouthwatering little delights. There were hand made from scratch,  with fresh ingredients, depending on a type. My favorite ones, like these, include shredded nuts, sugar, butter, flour and a touch of vanilla.  Anyone wants to taste? [... Read Full Article]
december 22, 2011
NYC subway station
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It's the time of the year. One party after another. Sometimes I have to squeeze two in one evening. Never without nylon stockings. Why am I the only one wearing them? What's up with the other girls? Tonight I am dining with the president of Secrets In Lace who gave me a special X-mass present: [... Read Full Article]
december 19, 2011
Vaclav Havel (1936-2011)
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A playwright, essayist, political activist and most of all: humanist. He supplied the power to the powerless with a moral authority, brilliant use of language, as well as humor. Born in a wealthy family that was stripped of all their possession when the communist took power. Vaclav was denied education, he then spent 5 years [... Read Full Article]
december 14, 2011
Money Talk!
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The first year Best Leg Show was under construction, so you had a free ride. Once the site was fully functional, I gave you an introductory Early Bird special: $9.-/month. The quality vs. price makes this insanely cheap. A bargain you will never find on www. Try it! I really wish I could keep it this cheap [... Read Full Article]
december 9, 2011
VINTAGE: Nathalie (1962)
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Nathalie was seen in several Parisian night-clubs in the early 60's, including the Crazy Horse. And in a couple of movies, including "Strip-Tease" which depicts more or less the Crazy (with the voice of Bernardin). Sweet Skin (1963) billed as Nathalie, Soft Skin on Black Skin (uncredited) [... Read Full Article]
december 8, 2011
My webdesigner!
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Here is the girl who made my site so beautiful: Jelena. Another Eastern European beauty. She is also a photographer, visit her blog on http://butterflyjunkie.tumblr.com/  She has a class, she has a soul, she is smart, beautiful, talented and guess what: she is single.   [... Read Full Article]
december 2, 2011
My mom!
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Her name is Vlasta, she lives in Prague, born in Pilsen. That explains the high percentage of Pilsner in my veins. She is tough, commanding, controlling, energetic woman. She takes no shit from anybody. Including me. She prefers to give shit to everybody. She knows how to be funny and charming when necessary, but she [... Read Full Article]
november 27, 2011
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
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Thanks to all of my members for joining my site and helping me to keep going. Its impossible to describe the amount of time and money that went into this venture. I really hope you get what you are looking for. Don't hesitate to drop me a line, if you feel I can improve anything. [... Read Full Article]
november 22, 2011
Shione ready for Bodyshop
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And you thought it was easy. To get a car fixed while you wait, you have to come prepared. Hope you enjoyed the instructional video. Shione looked better than ever and these guys were willing to fix much more then a car.  [... Read Full Article]
november 16, 2011
Paint job anyone?
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No matter what you do. Stockings will just make it sexier. Here is what I am doing these days. Training for a new career. Thinking to offer my services to paint apartments in this outfit. I may charge a little extra for the stockings of course, because they sure won't last ;-) But my impression [... Read Full Article]
november 14, 2011
Black stockings
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What is it about BLACK stockings that drives men crazy? Why not white stockings? I can imagine that brown, beige and grey would probably do well, but nothing like BLACK. Can anyone explain this phenomenon? This picture was taken in Miami, only 2 weeks ago. As I mentioned before, I was the only one wearing [... Read Full Article]
november 10, 2011
Nikola in the supermarket
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Here is another shot from behind the scenes of our video shoot with Nikola. This was the very first video I shot with her and I can't wait to shoot her again. She came on time and she brought her own shoes, all good.  The red heels I am wearing are hers! This does not [... Read Full Article]
november 6, 2011
Here is how it all began
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The invention of nylon stockings goes back to the early 40's. They soon became an erotic symbol. At that time, photography was rare and expensive. We do not have too many photos from that era. It was not until the 1950's, especially at the cabarets, the first models were willing to pose immodestly. They were [... Read Full Article]
november 3, 2011
Miami Vice
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I tried to get some attention from the police officers, but nobody cared. Everything goes on the South Beach. I flirted with a life guard, I was showing off my legs in the restaurants, bars, beach benches, showers, later that night also in a night club, I even made a bus driver stop in between the [... Read Full Article]
october 31, 2011
Sexy Lifeguard
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I was just trying to chill, or rather tan, when he invited me to come up. I have never been up there, so I was curious. He turned out to be really sweet and polite. However, I still wonder what everything must have already happen inside his booth, and how many people have drowned when [... Read Full Article]
october 25, 2011
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It finally happened. The truth is out: Jana does not always wear stockings! I hope I will not disappoint you my friends if I admit to this harsh reality ;-)) I just came back from a very relaxing weekend in the midst of a forest, indian reservations, lakes, beavers, dogs, cats, horses and even bears. [... Read Full Article]
october 22, 2011
XVI Lounge in NYC
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This is another great rooftop bar in the Big Apple. This one is on the corner of 48 street and 8 Ave. I only wish it was warmer so I could show off the tight purple sleeveless dress and enjoy the view of the Hudson River while sipping on Absolut & Tonic. Gotta admit, just [... Read Full Article]
october 20, 2011
First members, thank you!
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I love stockings as much as you do, trust me. There is much more material I want to share with you on this site. Some old, some new, but all good and unique. We will make this site Heaven for Leg Connoisseurs. There will be a new VINTAGE section with very rare images, that you [... Read Full Article]
october 16, 2011
$ 9.-/ month; is that too much?
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I know you get a lot for free these days. But how good is that? How is the quality of photographs, videos, how are the models, outfits? I was surfing the net for some time before I decided to do this site and I have not found anything that I liked. I was looking for [... Read Full Article]
october 13, 2011
Going out tonight!
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BestLegShow has graduated to "members only" exquisite club of Leg Connoisseurs. I am going out to a nice restaurant, to see what's out there, if I see some chics in stockings I promise I will tell you all about it when I get back. Thanks for your support! Love and kisses. [... Read Full Article]
october 9, 2011
Free ride!
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The "Best Leg Show" has been a labor of love from me to you: a perfect romance between two lovers, my work and you who love to see it. It all started years ago when I began sharing my photos of beautiful, luscious legs of women with close friends who shared them with their friends. [... Read Full Article]
october 7, 2011
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You obviously log on this site to see nice legs. I already got that part. I am trying my best to make you happy. Does anyone appreciate the music behind my videos? This was my biggest problem when watching porn movies. I really could not get excited when I heard those cheesy, boring tunes. It [... Read Full Article]
october 4, 2011
liliane Marcus, 1953
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She posed for a magazine Paris-Hollywood, she was a stripper and a cabaret dancer. At that era, its was not so easy to find models who would pose naked and especially for a magazine. Models were taking chances that their family will find out and the photographers, were risking 6 months in jail. These pics [... Read Full Article]
september 29, 2011
Vintage photos!
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Anyone interested in original B&W leg fetish photos from the 50's? I am thinking to add another photo gallery featuring Roland Carré as well as other photographers from that era. This is really something special, because there were first of all not that many photographers and also not that many models who were willing to [... Read Full Article]
september 22, 2011
Behind the scenes VIDEO
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click on the image to watch the VIDEO
Its not easy to shoot in public. When we were shooting in the fountain, there was an automated message from the speakers, that was addressed to us. They had cameras (these are everywhere) and the announcement said: "get out of the fountain" it was kinda loud, so you can hear it in this clip (in [... Read Full Article / View Video]
september 18, 2011
FORUM is up!!!!
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I really want to know what you think. Register under any name, its free, and join the club of leg and feet fetishists. You can also upload pictures. If you want me to add a new topic, email me. This will be fun. [... Read Full Article]
september 17, 2011
Chikita in NYC
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Last night I had the pleasure to dine out with one of the top models I ever had a chance to photograph. She has the most perfect body one can imagine. In person she is different, somehow cuter. Professional make up hides her lovely freckles, which are just adding to her charm. I only wish [... Read Full Article]
september 13, 2011
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click on the image to play VIDEO
This girl was one of the gems. I met her at the beginning of my leg glamour career. When I send her pics to Dian for approval, she called me in Prague and asked me to shoot as many sets as I can. The following year, Dian actually flew to Prague to assist me on a [... Read Full Article / View Video]
september 9, 2011
Taxi in NYC
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Love to shoot in a taxi cab. There is something raw, real and authentic about it. I shoot lots of pictures like this one, usually when I am returning from a dinner or a party.I can't even tell you what everything I did on the back seat. [... Read Full Article]
september 3, 2011
Rooftop of Standard Hotel NYC
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Sitting on the water sofa. Behind me: Hudson River.
This is one of the hottest spots in New York City. Its a bar called "Le Bain", on the roof of Standard Hotel in the meatpacking district, 13th and Washington Street. During the day its a classy bar (only for hotel guests), at night it turns into a club. "Astro Turf" makes you want to [... Read Full Article]
august 30, 2011
VIDEO Summer in Prague
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click on the image to see the VIDEO
This is was the coldest and rainiest summer in the last 50 years. In July we had perhaps 5 days of sun, in August about the same. Temperatures in July dropped to 50 Fº in the evening. I was disappointed, because I wanted to do outdoor shoots. To keep the spirit up, here is what [... Read Full Article / View Video]
august 28, 2011
Hurricane survival kit
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I came back to NYC just in time to meet a new model: Irene. I heard she was rough and she can really blow, so I stocked up with some basic survival items. At the end, I was disappointed. Nothing really happened. Just rain and strong wind. Sorry for the brief interruption of BLS. Some [... Read Full Article]
august 23, 2011
More on Shione
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Shione, Marcela and me.
As you requested, I am adding another shot from our recent shoot with Shione. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. She has a baby face of a young girl, body of a grown woman and she can drink as a man. That does not get any better. My make up guru: Marcela is also my [... Read Full Article]
august 18, 2011
Another hard day's work
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Yes, but, you know what I say: "Someone has to do it". Yesterday we shot a video with Shione. She is a total pleasure to work with. Very professional and fun at the same time. We started at 8 AM at the body shop, where she was a tough business lady. Then we switched to [... Read Full Article]
august 14, 2011
Lovely Rita
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Yesterday we shot a video of this sexy, curvy new model: Rita. She is a professional hairdresser, so we decided to use her salon as a location. One of her customers walked in as we were shooting. Rita took care of business, she washed her hair, she put a mask on her, made a coffee [... Read Full Article]
august 12, 2011
My first photos
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This picture was shot by my dad, while we on vacation in Croatia. My mom is in the background, I was 7 years old and I already knew how to look into the camera. Notice how I tip-toed my legs ;-) I must be a natural.  [... Read Full Article]
august 7, 2011
Black & white family!
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My aunt Maruska on the left, my mom Vlasta on the right.
This weekend I went to Pilsen, where my family comes from. This is the town, where the Pilsner beer was invented only 173 years ago. So we had a family re-union at the old brewery. My aunt, my mom and me showed up in black & white outfits without planning it. Looks like we really [... Read Full Article]
august 4, 2011
Robbed while shooting :-((
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Yep, yep, these are the "pleasures" of working in the Czech Republic. Yesterday we were shooting a beautiful model at the castle, near Prague. We stepped out of the car for only an hour and here is what we found when we came back.  [... Read Full Article]
august 2, 2011
Black & white stilettos
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I have no problem with dangling my shoes under the table, I do it all the time. When I watch other women at the restaurant, I never see it anywhere, I wonder why? These stilettos I received as a gift from one of my long time fan. I get tons of attention when I wear [... Read Full Article]
august 1, 2011
Escargots = snails
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This is a french appetizer, a delicacy, baked in butter and garlic. I am sitting in a restaurant Provence in Quartier Latin, near Odeon. As a main course I ordered another typical french dish" "Coq aux vin" which could easily be translated as cock (this time I mean "rooster") cooked with wine sauce. Excellent choice. [... Read Full Article]
july 29, 2011
La dame de fer (The Iron Lady)
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Its just another way to see the Eiffel Tower. She is 122 years old, but, she still looks good. She had some facelift surgery, true, but who cares? She has strong, shapely legs that makes her a perfect Leg Show model. [... Read Full Article]
july 27, 2011
The French always knew
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Say, Mister, in which world did you see that naked women didn't wear stockings?
No matter what you think of the French, there is one thing we must give it to them: "Savoir Vivre" or in English: How to get the best in life. Starting with the food, wine, humor, sense of style, fashion and of course: stockings. This magazine goes back to 1897.  [... Read Full Article]
july 24, 2011
Tour De France 2011
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No, no this man was not the winner (despite the yellow jersey ;-)
For the first time I have witnessed this event in person. Evans Cadel, an Australian athlete won the yellow jersey. Crowds of people at the Champs -Ellysées, all transportation was crippled. Here I am at the Tuileries, near Louvre, trying to point a tourist to the right direction, but instead of looking at what am [... Read Full Article]
july 23, 2011
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Decadence and fetish are always in fashion here. I come here to get new incentives and ideas. After a long meeting at the Nylon Headquarters: Sodibas,  I took a walk in Quartier Latin, stopped for a coffee at Café de Flore and shopped at Tashen Bookstore and had an excellent meal on Rue Buci. How [... Read Full Article]
july 20, 2011
Nikola: new model!
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Our new model Nikola (middle) is as sweet as it gets. We shot a video with her last Saturday. Marcela, my make up artist (on the right) is also my stylist. As you can tell, we love what we do and we have fun. [... Read Full Article]
july 18, 2011
NEW STORY: Return of Babysitter!
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Just in case you have not noticed, there is more on the Babysitter story, I posted couple months ago. Gray Fisher is adding another twist, you will love it. Click on STORIES! [... Read Full Article]
july 11, 2011
Meet my team!
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It's not Cirque De Soleil, its the team that works for me in Prague. From left: my banker, make-up artist and my assistant. They are always picking me up from the airport in a drag. I never know what to expect. The first time they came as homeless people, then they came as hookers, as [... Read Full Article]
july 9, 2011
Arrived in Prague
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JFK-PRG with Delta Airlines, direct flight, here I am waiting for my baggage. I will be here almost 2 months and I will be working around the clock, mainly shooting videos. If you have any fantasy that would be good for a shoot, let me know. If you have any favorite models, you want me [... Read Full Article]
july 3, 2011
Nude on Nevis
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